You Know You’re a Beatlemaniac… Part 1

The Offending T Shirt

The Offending T Shirt

A Hard Day's Night

A Hard Day’s Night

I got the idea for this post from a series of videos on an excellent Beatles Youtube channel, the Beatle Scruffs, which I highly recommend subscribing to. I’ve changed the name, though, to make the idea somewhat original. By the way, as hard as it may be to believe, every single symptom of Beatlemaniacism that I list here, no matter how absurd, applies to me. I’m also going to use the term “Harrison Head” to describe a major fan of George Harrison, and I didn’t come up with that one, either. So, here we go!

You know you’re a Beatlemaniac/Harrison Head if…

– Your Gmail statuses are always Beatle-related.
– You spent three hours at the beach spelling “I Love The Beatles” in sandcastles. Yes, I actually did this, and got a couple of strange looks from other beachgoers, but it was definitely worth it!
– You write “George Harrison is Awesome!” on your refrigerator in refrigerator magnets, and get mad when your siblings change it to some variation of “George Harrison is Not Awesome”.
– Your first objective when you walk into a store is to find a Beatle shirt. Actual clothing comes second.
– You’re the ONLY person at school with an All Things Must Pass shirt, from what you’ve observed, and you’re proud of that! George forever!!!
– The first thing you write on the 1st day of school “Getting to know you” index card is, “I LOVE THE BEATLES!!!”
– Your favorite teacher is a Beatles fan, and knows you are, too.
– You annoy your sister by making her add endless Beatles songs and Beatle solo songs to her iPod, saying it’s essential to her existence.
– Your locker is decorated from ceiling to floor with Beatle posters and pictures, to the point where it looks like some beatnik record shop from the 1960s. In your opinion, that’s not a bad thing.
– You go to the library regularly to look for Beatle CDs and books.
– You happily spend $10 on a collectible Beatles magazine without a second thought, even if you think you know everything about them. When I did this at Penn Station over the summer, the lady at the counter just looked at me and said, “Ah, they’re all old now,” and winked. (?)
– Your dream is to see Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr in concert, preferably together, like in the good old days.
– You get excited whenever you see a Beatles reference in a book you’re reading or a TV show you’re watching.
– You cry at the end of George Harrison: Living in the Material World EVERY TIME because it talks about George’s death. Actually, you know you love George when you watch a 3.5 hour documentary about him in the first place, multiple times.
– You make fun of the One Direction t-shirt that is clearly a direct rip off of the A Hard Day’s Night album cover. See above. How dare they!!!
– You now love all British Invasion music because of the Beatles.
– You’ve realized that most other music after the Beatles (well, most good music) sounds Beatlesque or has directly ripped off the Beatles in some way.
– You stay up really late because Paul McCartney is going to be on TV at 11:30 pm for less than 10 minutes. For Paul, it’s ALWAYS worth it!
– You never thought you’d go on Youtube as often as you do, but beacause of the Beatles, it’s unavoidable.
– You know the exact chronological order of their albums, what song goes on what album, the order of most of the songs on most of the albums, what month the album came out, who sings what and who plays what instrument for every song.
– You can hear any Beatles song, and within the first 10 seconds know the name of the song and all of the above.
– The first thing that attracted you to the Beatles was their music, not their hairstyles or looks, which you grew to love anyway! This shows you are a true fan!
– You mostly ask for Beatle-related gifts for your birthday/Christmas.
– Your friends and family email you Beatle-related stuff a lot, because they know you’ll appreciate it.
– You visited the Imagine mosaic in Central Park and walked outside the Dakota, getting emotional when you remembered that John was shot in that very spot.
– You instantly have respect for someone wearing a Beatle shirt, but are a bit skeptical. They probably don’t even know who George Harrison is…
– You talk to your Beatle posters and expect them to talk back, or strongly wish that they responded.
– In church, during a quiet moment, you pray for John, Paul, George, and Ringo individually. Yup, this is also true. In fact, I once accidentally said “George” instead of “Lord”, albeit very quietly. Don’t worry, I do NOT think that the Beatles are bigger than Jesus!

That’s all for today. Part 2 will be posted very soon. Enjoy the weekend!

3 thoughts on “You Know You’re a Beatlemaniac… Part 1

  1. Another signs of being a Beatlemaniac, and they happened to me:

    If I did anything wrong, I would think: “Oh no! John, Paul, George, and Ringo might be so disappointed if they see me like this.”

    Before exam, I listened to one of the Beatles songs for cooling off the nervous feeling.

  2. Then I also use Beatle members’ name when I am playing games. Currently I am using “John” as my username when I am playing adventure game. Then I am using “George” when I am playing puzzle game.

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