You Know You’re a Beatlemaniac… Part 2

The secret to getting the perfect moptop

The secret to getting the perfect moptop

Here is the series I started the other day, continued. You know you’re a Beatlemaniac/Harrison Head if:

– You mutter lines from Beatle movies or random Beatle quotes under your breath quite frequently during the appropriate moments in conversations, without wondering whether people will get the reference. Nine times out of ten, no one hears what you said.
– You think that George Harrison is by far the best looking man of all time, with Paul McCartney a clear second, and you wished that more people in the world today looked like him. Isn’t it a pity… (yes, that’s a George song. See what I mean about the random references?)
– You still want to marry George someday, even though he’s no longer around to propose to you. In your imagination, it’s possible.
– You get excited when someone has the same first or last name as a Beatle.
– You replace the names of people in songs with Beatle names, at least in your head. Example: Mrs. Robinson becomes Mrs. Harrison!
– You always wear a Beatle shirt on their birthdays and any other significant Beatle days of the year, so if it just so happens to be Paul’s birthday (mark your calendars; it’s June 18th!) and you’re wearing a Beatle shirt, it’s no coincidence!
– You actually care about how Beatles albums are selling on iTunes, and check it regularly. The day that “1” tops the rock charts, you celebrate with a Beatles listening marathon.
– You scour the newspaper every morning for Beatle news and references, and the day is considered somewhat of a failure if nothing Beatley is reported.
– You spend hours reading reviews of Beatle albums on iTunes and Amazon, just to make sure that everyone else in the world thinks they’re as great as you do.
– Your default “I’m bored in class… What do I think about?” thought is always about the Beatles.
– You’re left fuming after watching “100 Greatest Artists of All Time” on VH1 Classic, because even though the Beatles are #1 and Paul and John are on their separately as solo artists, George as a solo artist is nowhere to be found, therefore invalidating this list. Why not all three? Or four? Ringo???
– You’ve set Beatle pictures as the wallpaper on your iPod, and don’t intend to change that anytime soon. Furthermore, you greet your lock screen picture of George Harrison by saying, “Hello, handsome!” (okay, this might be a little weird for anyone besides me…)
– You can tell the Beatles’ singing voices and speaking voices’ apart quite easily, without even seeing who’s talking.
– Your only subscriptions on Youtube are to channels dedicated mostly to the Beatles.
– You’re comforted by the fact that most bands you know and love have cited the Beatles as a significant musical influence.
– You really wish you were related to the Harrisons/McCartneys/etc. Imagine having Paul as your grandfather! I’m sure he’d be very clean… (reference from A Hard Day’s Night. Go watch it if you don’t know what I’m talking about. It’s a great movie!)
– You truly believe that no matter how many Beatle shirts you own or Beatles songs you have on your iPod, there is always room for more.
– You wish that the Kidz Bop Sings The Beatles! album didn’t exist, because it makes your skin crawl just to think about it. Yes, this does exist, unfortunately. I threw up a little in my mouth listening to the preview of “A Hard Day’s Night” on iTunes out of curiosity. Those are 30 seconds I will never get back.
– You get very excited when someone sings a Beatles song on American Idol, only to be instantly disappointed (or sometimes, pleasantly surprised) by their rendition of the song.
– You’ve unofficially named one of your pillows after a Beatle.
– You regularly use the Optimum app to look for Beatle-related programming. This was how I found out about George Harrison: Living in the Material World, and when I first became a huge George fan. And the rest is history…
– You sing along to Beatle songs while looking at pictures of them, so it’s like you’re singing TO them. Poor George-in-the-picture must think you’re trying to seduce him or something, because you must have such a silly look on your face when you (frequently) sing to him!
– You own three or more Beatle-related shirts, which is most certainly not enough for a Beatlemaniac!
– You tell your family that the next time a trip to Britain is planned, a stop in Liverpool is absolutely, 100% necessary. This suggestion is generally met with groans of disinterest, because apparently, the birthplace of four musical geniuses is not worth visiting. Well, OF COURSE IT IS!!! 🙂

I’ll post the third part of this series next week. Until then, peace, love and Beatles to all!

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