No one’s got the moves like Macca!

I know I don’t usually post twice in a day, but after discovering this music video by Paul McCartney, I just had to share it on the blog!

I heard this song on Breakfast with the Beatles the other day for the first time. Since new Paul songs that I haven’t heard are like birthday presents to me, I decided to look it up on Youtube to see what other people thought of it. Little did I know that it has a dance video! As soon as the video started and I saw Paul dancing and wearing Converse, I couldn’t stop smiling! This is a bit of a departure from Paul’s other music videos that I’ve seen, but it still works. I’ve always felt that Paul was the best Beatle dancer, based on his performance at the end of Magical Mystery Tour, and after seeing this video, it’s confirmed.
The thing is, if you can get past the fact that this is 65 year old Paul McCartney dancing in a music video, he’s actually pretty good. He gestures with his hands a lot, twirls, and just looks so adorable doing it. The Cute Beatle strikes again!
And apparently, Paul didn’t actually learn choreography for this video. The film crew filmed him dancing, then taught his moves to the other dancers and somehow spliced him in to the final video. The final product is my new favorite Paul video! This is more proof that he really is the coolest person in the world, besides Ringo.
Finally, I love this song! It rocks and is classic Paul, yet is also modern and different than other things he’s done. Well done Paulie!


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