A Fantastic Day In My Life

Obviously, if I could choose between seeing the Beatles live and seeing a Beatles tribute band live, I’d choose the real Beatles. But, seeing as that’s not possible, the next best thing is to see a band paying tribute to the Beatles in every possible way, with Beatles-era wigs, instruments, and outfits, in additon to sounding like them and being thoroughly entertaining to watch. If you’re a Beatle fan looking for a tribute band with all of these characteristics, look no further than The Fab Four! They are a California-based Beatle tribute band that does shows all over the place. Their main cast members are Ron McNeil (John), Ardy Sarraf (Paul), Gavin Pring (George… More on Gavin later), and Erik Fidel (Ringo). And I was lucky enough to see them live in Huntington on December 28th!

I actually have to thank the Mets on this post, because it was at a Mets game where I first discovered The Fab Four. There were free tickets being given away to see The Fab Four in Huntington, and I got excited because the concert was close to where I live! After that, I watched many videos of them on Youtube, and determined that they were by far the closest thing to seeing the real Beatles live. And you have no idea how excited I was when I found out that “George” AKA Gavin Pring is actually from Liverpool! Furthermore, he looks a lot like George! See for yourself:

Which one is George and which one is Gavin?

Which one is George and which one is Gavin?

Gavin is in the middle. George is on either side. The resemblance is uncanny. I probably spent about 90% of the show I was at just staring at Gavin. And once, I think he saw me and smiled! That was exciting!

The regular Paul guy, Ardy Sarraf, wasn’t at the show I was at, but based on the videos of him I’ve seen, he is a fantastic Paul! he even plays guitar and bass lefty, just like Paul! Check this out:

Ardy Sarraf

Ardy Sarraf

Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney

Ron and Erik were fabulous as John and Ringo as well! So, if you have a chance to see The Fab Four live, definitely do so! You will be amazed!


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