Thank You Dhani Harrison!

It's official... All members of the Harrison family rock!

It’s official… All members of the Harrison family rock!

Can you tell which is Dhani and which is George? Answer at the end of this post…
I always knew that Dhani Harrison, George’s son, was awesome. After all, he looks like George, sounds like George, and plays in a fantastic band, thenewno2. He also co-produced George’s last, posthumously released album, Brainwashed, and was one of the driving forces behind Beatles Rock Band. However, I did not know that he was the one who came up with the idea of Rock Band in general! I found that out after watching this video:

So anyone who has ever enjoyed playing Rock Band, you have Dhani to thank!
Also, watching him sing just 10 seconds of While My Guitar Gently Weeps is quite a beautiful thing. And I really enjoy the music from his band, thenewno2. It’s not really Georgesque, although Dhani does sound a lot like George, but the music is great and stands up on its own. It’s different than the music I hear on the radio most of the time. This is one of my favorite songs by them:

Also, this more recent song is great. I think they performed it on Conan last summer.

In short, thank you Dhani for being awesome!

(by the way, George is on the left and Dhani is on the right in the picture posted above)


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