You Know You’re a Beatlemaniac… Part 3 (Finally!)

That girl is me, 50 years ago... :)

That girl is me, 50 years ago… 🙂

I know I promised this post a few weeks ago. I’m sorry for the delay. Here we go, for a third time!
You know you’re a Beatlemaniac/Harrison Head if:

– You feel like screaming with delight every time you watch A Hard Day’s Night and Help! because the Beatles are just so darn cute in those movies!
– You somehow manage to integrate the Beatles into the large majority of conversations with your family and friends.
– You think to yourself, “(insert name of favorite Beatle) would be so proud of me!” whenever you have a significant accomplishment in life.
– You have your own personal pet names for each Beatle. Here are some of mine for Paul, because I think his name is the easiest to nicknamify: Paulie, Macca, Macca-bee (my personal favorite), Macca-roni, Angel Voice, Paul-Paul… You get it.
– You make a point of waking up before 8 am every Sunday to listen to Breakfast With The Beatles on your local classic rock station.
– You get weirdly excited when the traffic sign says something like, “Harrison- 1/2 mile” on it, because there’s really nothing else remotely exciting about traffic signs in general.
– You waste hours making lists like this.
– Your friends tell you about Beatle references they heard in class, knowing you’ll get the reference and appreciate their Beatley concern.
– You fear that your constant mentions of the Beatles are starting to annoy your family, just a little.
– Your backpack is adorned with Beatle pins.
– You look forward to the day when maybe, just maybe, you’ll sing a Beatles song in choir, even though it’s extremely unlikely.
– You practice doodling random faceless heads with moptops when you’re bored in class, and one lucky day, the haircut looks just like Ringo’s from 1965! Another day, your attempted 1967 era George likeness looks like a girl.
– You couldn’t stop yourself from squealing with delight when George appeared in The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash! Eric Idle was also amazing as the host and as Paul McCartney in this movie parody of the Beatles. Definitely check it out on Youtube!
– You almost passed out when a fellow student asked, God help them, “Who is George Harrison?” Then, you could barely concentrate for the rest of class because of it.
– You’re outraged when you see a picture of Justin Bieber right next to a picture of John Lennon in the photo exhibit at your local library. Seriously, whose idea was that?
– You make Mii characters of all the Beatles, and spend 15 minutes trying to get Ringo’s nose right.
– You buy a Beatle birthday card in Rite Aid purely so no one else can buy it before you do.
– You have all of their birthdays saved as events on your iPod calendar.
– You talk in an attempted Liverpudlian accent more than most people realize.
– You end up giving mostly Beatle-related gifts to your friends and family over the holidays, because you honestly can’t think of what else they might like. The Beatles have truly invaded your brain at this point.
– Your love for George Harrison and his exceptional guitar skills has inspired you to want to learn how to play guitar someday.
– You’re writing your Euro research paper on the impact of rock and roll on the 1960s British youth culture, because really, for you, what other options are there?
– Your ears instantly perk up when you hear the words “Beatles,” “John,” “Paul,” “George,” “Ringo,’ “Liverpool,” “1960s,” or any related lingo being used in a conversation. Example: You sprint like a Beatlemaniac in from the other room when Paul McCartney is mentioned on TV, only to realize that its a commercial for a concert you can’t go to. Sigh…
– You watched Life of Pi, set in India, and silently wished that George would come walking through with his sitar. Sadly, it was not to be.
– You automatically end sentences with Beatle lyrics in your head. If someone says, “All you need is,” you immediately think, “love”.
– You tried to figure out who played which guitar solos in The End, like you imagine every other teenager listening to Abbey Road late at night does. Obviously, you’re in nowhere land.
– You try to imitate Paul’s singing stance, head bops and all, when playing Beatles Rock Band. You fail miserably at this, because let’s face it, you’re not Paul!
– You own a fuzzy fleece Beatle blanket, which really helps you sleep at night.
– You wrote a 5 minute speech about Rubber Soul for English class, threw in a not-so subtle Beatles reference at the end, and got an A+, because that’s how you roll when doing Beatle-related school projects!
– Any time you see someone you know in Beatle clothing, you compliment them.
– You always email your friends pictures and videos of the Beatles to brighten their day, because you don’t know how else to comfort people.
– You’ve made a personal pact that no matter what happens, you’ll NEVER stop loving the Beatles!!! Furthermore, George Harrison will always be your favorite Beatle, your favorite person in general, and your fab imaginary husband.

That’s all, folks. See you next time!

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