My Top 10 Favorite George Harrison Solo Songs

What can I say? George looks so cute here!!!

What can I say? George looks so cute here!!!

I’ve been really looking forward to this post! I love George, so you think this would be an easy list to compile, but this was actually very difficult. The solo career of George Harrison cannot be summed up in just 10 songs, but here I’ve done my best to list my 10 personal favorites of his. I hope you enjoy the list!

10. All Things Must Pass

This is such a beautiful song. I love the emotion that George puts into the vocals. He always sounds so soulful and honest in his songs, and on this one in particular, the piano with the guitar and the beautiful singing and lyrics all work so well together. This is George at his best on what is generally considered his best album, 1970’s All Things Must Pass. I have to agree; listening to the album, it really is a masterpiece.

9. Crackerbox Palace

As you might notice from the whimsical video, this song is COMPLETELY different than All Things Must Pass! I love this song and the video that accompanies it equally. The song is quirky and fun, just like George, and that’s reflected in the video. Every time I watch the beginning with him popping out of the baby carriage, I laugh at his silly sense of humor! He was definitely the right Beatle to fund Monty Python!

8. Dream Away

Dream Away is perhaps George’s most poppy and upbeat song, and I love it for its bouncy tempo and nonsensical lyrics. What exactly does “Ori in iay, ori in iay” mean anyway? I haven’t a clue, but anything in George-language has to be good, right? 🙂

7. Awaiting On You All

This song has an awesome tempo with awesome lyrics, and awesome background vocals. In short, it’s awesome! I’ve always found it interesting that George mentions seeing Jesus in the song, even though he wasn’t a Christian at the time, or at least I don’t think he was. Perhaps he was more religiously openminded than I thought.

6. Faster

This is one of those George songs that I’m very surprised isn’t generally roped in with his best songs. I think it’s really catchy, infectious, and has a great arrangement. The car sounds in the beginning are fun, and I like that it shows off yet another side of George’s personality, the lover of car racing side. It takes me a while to get into and really appreciate some of George’s songs, but after hearing exactly 3 seconds of the iTunes preview of this song, I was hooked.

5. Wah Wah

George apparently wrote this in 1968 after walking out of the Let It Be sessions, frustrated with his fellow bandmates, Paul in particular. According to George, a “wah wah” is Britspeak for a massive headache. I’m sad that he and Paul had an argument, but hey, his fans got a great song out of it! This is so good, it doesn’t even need the lyrics. It could practically just be an instrumental jam session and would still be great. This proves that George could rock just as hard as the other Beatles when he wanted to.

4. Blow Away

I know from experience that this is the PERFECT song to wake up to in the morning! It’s so warm and inviting, and listening to it feels like receiving a big hug from George. The beginning of the song just makes me go “ahhhhhhh” with relaxation. It, like many of George’s songs, always cheers me up or puts me in a good mood.

3. Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)

This was basically my theme song during the week following Hurricane Sandy. Whenever I felt like things were hopeless and we’d never get power back, I sat in my room, listened to this song, and felt much better. I have to thank George a lot because I was starting to feel kind of sad after having no power for over a week, and this song really kept me going. George’s voice is so soulful on this song that it makes me tear up a bit sometimes, in a “Gosh, I wish he was still around” way. But then I remember that he left such beautiful music for everyone to enjoy, it’s almost like he’s still here.

2. My Sweet Lord

I can’t accurately describe how much I love and am addicted to this song! I could literally listen to it on repeat for hours and not get sick of it. In fact, whenever it comes up in the Shuffle mode on my iPod, I always have to play it at least 3 times in a row before listening to another song. If the beauty of my sweet George could be summed up in a song, this is definitely it. From the opening guitar strums to the slide guitar solo to the Hare Krishna chant, it’s perfection. But, it is NOT my #1 favorite George song…

1. What is Life

THIS is my #1 favorite George song because it ROCKS! I love the guitar riff in the beginning, and in general, it’s just amazing. I’ve had this song on my iPod for a long time, before I even knew who George Harrison was (yes, there was such a time in my life), and even though I didn’t recognize the singer, I loved the song and would sing it to myself all the time. Later, when I discovered the Beatles and figured out who George was, I found out that he sang this song that I’d loved for years! Now that George and the Beatles are such a big part of my life, I wonder what life would be like without them. I can’t even imagine it at this point. What is life without George Harrison??? (answer: not as good!)

I said before that George’s solo career can’t possibly be summarized in only 10 songs, so here are 10 more “honorable mention” songs, just like I did for the Beatles list. Since most people probably aren’t all that familiar with George’s solo discography, I’ll post the song and the album next to it in parentheses.
So Sad (Dark Horse)
That’s The Way It Goes (Gone Troppo)
Hear Me Lord and Beware of Darkness (All Things Must Pass)
This Song and Beautiful Girl (33 and 1/3)
Miss O’Dell (Living in the Material World- iTunes Bonus Tracks)
Devil’s Radio (Cloud Nine)
Pisces Fish and Any Road (Brainwashed)

That’s all for now! Enjoy the weekend and one last picture of George Harrison!

Gorgeous George from 1976, one more time

Gorgeous George from 1976, one more time


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