Ringo, You’re My Starr!

Look at that winning smile! You rock Ringo!

Look at that winning smile! You rock Ringo!

I feel like a terrible Beatles fan. I just realized that in all of my blogging over the past month, I have not dedicated one single post to the wonderful and talented Ringo Starr! He deserves his own posts just like the others! Well, that’s about to change, because here I’ve compiled a list of my favorite Ringo drumming performances on Beatles songs. In my opinion, Ringo was/is a fantastic drummer, and without him, the Beatles would not have been as advanced and ahead of the times as they were. So, here we go!

A Day In The Life

I’m clearly not a drummer, and I don’t pretend to be, but I can safely say that Ringo’s drumming on this song is fantastic! His intricate fills really enhance an already amazing Lennon/McCartney composition and lift it to “legendary” status. I’ve read articles that list A Day In The Life as the #1 best Beatles song, and I’m positive that Ringo’s drumming has more than a little to do with that.

I Feel Fine

I love the drumming on this song in particular because it doesn’t overpower the vocals at all. Instead, it’s a perfectly understated complement to the rich three part harmony of John, Paul, and George, and shows how versatile of a drummer Ringo was.

Long Tall Sally

I’m including this song mostly for the headbangingly awesome drumming starting at about 1:34 in the video. In every video I’ve seen of the Beatles performing this song live, Ringo goes nuts at that part! I’m almost afraid that the drum set is going to topple over, but it somehow never does.

What You’re Doing

I love the intro to this song. It’s unlike anything the Beatles had done up to that point, and adds character to what I think is a very underrated Beatles song.

Get Back

I don’t really know why I love the drums to this song so much, I just do! It’s a cool sound! Go Ringo!


Here it is, the song that is usually listed as “Ringo’s best drumming performance on a Beatles song,” even by Ringo himself. Although it’s not my favorite drumming performance of his (that would be A Day In The Life), I do agree that the drums here are superb. Also, I love this promo video! Out of all the Beatles, John definitely looks the best in sunglasses. And when George looks directly into the camera at 1:15 and smiles… I can’t help but smile back!

There you have it, my favorite Beatle drum songs. I’ll also post my favorite Beatle bass, guitar, and harmony parts at some point. For now, enjoy the music! Ringo rocks!


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