Some George Harrison Beatles Songs

One of my favorite George pics. I love his smile!

One of my favorite George pics. I love his smile!

I’ve noticed on my “Stats” page that a common search topic seems to be, “Beatles songs by George Harrison”. So, to satisfy all of you (or depending on how many people read this blog, both of you) I’ll post some of my favorite Beatles songs written by George here, in chronological order according to the album on which they were featured. Also, I’ll only post songs here that I haven’t talked about already on the blog, so if you’re looking for a post about While My Guitar Gently Weeps, check out my “Top 10 Beatles Songs” post, and if you want to know about Taxman, look for the “Beatlesque Songs” post. Also, I won’t post every single George-penned Beatles song here, only a selection of some of my favorites, so I apologize if this list isn’t comprehensive enough for you. But anyway, here we go!

Don’t Bother Me

This was one of the first songs that made me really interested in George Harrison’s music, both with and without the Beatles. I really love this song!!! Also, I like it partially to spite the people who think that George’s only Beatles songs were Something and Here Comes The Sun. Hey everyone, he was writing great songs way back in 1963!!! Wake up!!!

I Need You

Such a sweet song from the movie Help! It just makes me feel happy and content with life. I love the harmonies on this song, and once again, George was writing great songs like this way before Abbey Road!

You Like Me Too Much

This is not one of the more well known Beatles songs, but I do like it a lot. Perhaps the lyrics aren’t all that inspired, but the song is catchy and worth knowing. As with many of George’s earlier songs and vocals, I find myself going, “Awwwww!” when this comes on. It’s a cute song!

Think For Yourself

A fantastic song from my #1 favorite album, Rubber Soul. To me, this is the first song by George in which the lyrics really make the song great. Here, the words are thoughtful and clever, and don’t have to do much with love. His songwriting would only get better as the years went on!

If I Needed Someone

I probably should have put this as an honorable mention on my Top 10 Beatles songs list, because I REALLY like this song! I can’t get enough of the guitar riff, and the harmonies are outstanding. Another winning number from Rubber Soul. Go George!

Love You To

I put this and Within You Without You from Sgt. Pepper in my “brilliant sitar masterpieces” category of Beatles songs. I sometimes forget that George was only 23 when Revolver came out, and the fact that he wrote songs like this at such a young age truly amazes me.

Long Long Long

This song, like While My Guitar Gently Weeps, is best listened to late at night, in the dark, while holding a pillow for comfort. I find the melody to be haunting and the vocals a little creepy, but at the same time, it’s mesmerizing and beautiful. And the noises at the end always make my heart race, even though I know they’re coming. I guess that’s a sign of timeless songwriting!

Savoy Truffle

George apparently wrote this song to make fun of his good friend Eric Clapton’s love of fancy chocolates. After hearing this song, I’m always in the mood for dessert!

I Me Mine

This was a song that really blew me away the first time I heard it. I was quite intigued, and listened to it over and over until I’d memorized every detail of the song. So basically, I LOVE this song!!! It was the inspiration for the title of George’s autobiography, and to me, it’s a criminally underrated song in the Beatles’ immense catalogue. Something about the transition between the slower first section and harder rocking chorus always gets me.

Remember, this isn’t a list of all of George’s Beatles songs, but if I had to recommend some great ones, these are definitely among the best. So enjoy the music and have a great week!

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