This guy is amazingly talented!

So, I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m subscribed to a number of Beatle channels on Youtube, one of which is the Beatle Scruffs. One of the members, Bradley Owens, has his own channel where he posts his original songs and covers. He is insanely talented at singing and playing guitar, piano, bass, harmonica… I’ve lost count of how many instruments he plays. But he’s an aspiring musician from Australia and he’s amazing!!! He posts a lot of covers of Beatles songs and Beatle-related songs that truly blow my mind. The thought and creativity that goes into all of his covers is astounding. See for yourself:

Amazing cover of one of my favorite John Lennon songs. He really does the song justice, and his voice is wonderful.

I love this quirky version of Something. It reminds me of the ukulele version that Paul McCartney does in his concerts as a tribute to George.

Another fantastic cover of a fantastic song!

Yes, this is the same guy, singing a song from Phantom of the Opera! He really can sing anything!

Not much else to say, except that if he becomes famous one day, you heard about him here first!


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