One of my favorite George videos!

To kick off George’s birthday week, which I will be celebrating here on Beatlemedo with all George-related posts, I thought I’d post this video. It’s of George in 1992 accepting the Billboard Century Award. Basically, if there was one video that summed up exactly why I love George, this would be it. Enjoy!

The audience’s reaction to George coming on stage to accept the award is astounding. They just refuse to stop cheering, even when he politely tells them to sit down. Obviously, he was and still is very well loved.
I love how George tries to take the focus off of himself by thanking all of his friends in his speech and talking about how the Concert for Bangladesh was really thanks to Ravi Shankar. He even thanked John, Paul, and Ringo first, before anyone else! That tells me that no matter how much he pretended to have moved on from the Beatle days, he still had a special place in his heart for the other three lads. 🙂
It’s also funny to me to hear George talking loudly to be heard over the crowd. I’ve seen very few videos of him raising his voice above his usual softspoken tone.
And I couldn’t help but think, when George talked about Eric Clapton giving him his friendship and support for 26 years, “Well, you gave him your wife, so it all evens out in the end!” 🙂
Anyway, George Harrison was a funny, humble, gracious, and very handsome human being… And all of those qualities are displayed in this video!


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