Some George Harrison Demos

My sweet George... :)

My sweet George… 🙂

One of the reasons why I love George Harrison’s music so much is that his songs are always great even in demo or unfinished form. He had such a gentle, soulful voice that didn’t require excessive production to make the song great. So, here I’ve compiled some outstanding demos of his that I found on Youtube.

Dark Horse

If you’ve ever heard the studio version of this song, you probably noticed that George’s voice on it is a a bit hoarse-sounding. That’s because it was recorded when he was battling laryngitis, and he didn’t have enough time to recover before releasing the song. While I do like the original song in spite of the hoarseness, I think that this is a beautiful and far superior version purely because his voice sounds like his normal self here. This is what the song was supposed to be.

Hear Me Lord

This version is just stunning, especially with the really cool electric guitar sound. I do love the album version of this song as well, but I think this demo is just as good. Once again, his beautiful voice really shines when it’s just him and his guitar. I’ve always admired the fact that George released such spiritual, religiously inclined songs without fearing that the public wouldn’t like him. The old saying, “Just be yourself and people will like you,” truly applies to his music.

I Live For You

With all the fantastic songs on All Things Must Pass, I still can’t figure out why this song never made the album. It’s such a beautiful song and so very George. Still, I’m thankful that it was included on the 2001 remaster of All Things Must Pass and that it eventually got proper studio treatment.

It Don’t Come Easy

In case anyone was wondering, yes, this is the same song as Ringo’s “It Don’t Come Easy”. I have always known Ringo’s version of the song, and I was surprised to learn that George actually wrote it for him and recorded a demo! Anyway, I really like this song, and it easily could have fit on All Things Must Pass. This is also my #1 favorite George tribute video on Youtube. I honestly can’t count how many times I’ve watched it. It never gets old!!!

So there you have it. Four fantastic songs written by George Harrison, in demo form. Enjoy! Only 2 days until George’s birthday!!!!


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