Paul is Live!

Paulie in the 70s, doing his thing.

Paulie in the 70s, doing his thing.

This title has a double meaning. First, it expresses my opinion on the “Paul is Dead” theory, because I firmly believe that Paul is very much alive! Second, it describes the content of this post, my favorite videos of Paul playing live in the 70s. If I had to choose my favorite period of Paul’s career, it would probably be his 70s stint with Wings. This is not based on the quality of his music at the time, because to me, the Beatles were miles better than Wings, but I really like Paul’s rock star persona from this time. He had a sort-of mullet and wore bedazzled jackets on stage, and looked like he was on top of the world when he performed. Here’s what I mean:

Coming Up (Live 1979)

This live version of Coming Up far outdoes the album version on McCartney II. It’s more of a rock song here, as opposed to the almost electro-pop album version, and I much prefer the one in this video. I puzzle over why Paul asked the audience “how their bums were doing” at the start of the video, but with love, of course, because I love basically everything he does! What immediately jumped out at me while watching this video was the prominence of Paul’s bass. He always plays well, but he’s on fire here! Paul is such a showman, it’s like he was born to perform to an audience. And with the way his career has gone, he probably was!

Listen to What the Man Said (Live 1976)

Why does Paul always mention shaking bums before he sings??? Well, not always, but I just noticed that the two videos I’ve posted so far start out with him saying almost exactly the same thing. Anyway, this version is a lot faster than the album version, and Paul is rocking both the mullet and the piano, and sounding fantastic. And I can’t say that I don’t appreciate him shaking his own bum at the end of the video. I do, very much. Thanks Paulie. 🙂

Maybe I’m Amazed (Live 1976)

Hint hint, when I do a Paul solo countdown, this song will be VERY high on the list!!! And frankly, Paul’s voice amazes me here. He has the voice of an angel. This song also contains one of my favorite guitar solos of all time, played here by Wings guitarist Jimmy McCullough. That’s right, folks, it is possible for me to love a guitar solo NOT played by George Harrison!

Junior’s Farm (Official Video- 1975?)

This isn’t really LIVE, but since it shows Paul and Wings playing the song, or at least miming it, I’m including it here. This song rocks and the video epitomizes the whole “mid-70s Paul” look that I love so much. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to this song when I just needed to hear Paul’s voice. It’s magical! And I have to say that Paul looks absolutely adorable in this video! He was the Cute Beatle for a reason!

Well, that concludes today’s post on Paul, Wings, and bum shaking. But mostly Paul. Have a great week!

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