AAAHHHHHH! (my internal reaction to the video posted below)

Oh, how I would love to own this ticket...

Oh, how I would love to own this ticket…

As one might expect from reading this blog, I love the Beatles more than just about anything. To me, it doesn’t matter that 2 of them are no longer alive, because they still exist as a unit in my mind. But I’m not about to get all philosophical in this post; on the contrary, today I’ve decided to post a video I found last week that made me very excited for multiple reasons. This video is a sound recording of a 1965 Beatles concert in Atlanta, GA, and it was notable for being their first concert to have onstage monitors so they could hear themselves. This resulted in excellent sound quality, which the Beatles make note of themselves throughout the concert. If you have half an hour to spare, I would recommend sitting down and listening to this concert.

Obviously, I’ve never been to a Beatles concert, but as I closed my eyes and listened to them performing live to thousands of screaming fans, I felt like I was there! I really wanted to scream along with the crowd at MANY points during the concert! (I guess I really am a 1965 fangirl at heart…) I just felt so excited and happy that it almost didn’t matter that I wasn’t actually watching the Beatles. Their music is so powerful and joyful that hearing them is enough. Here are my highlights:
Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby- All I have to say is, GEORGE!!!!!!! The Quiet Beatle gets his chance to sing lead, and he nails it! Way to go, Georgie!!!
I Wanna Be Your Man- Ringo always sounds good on this song, but here he really rocks it. Well done Ringo!
I’m Down- This version of I’m Down has some of the most fantastic backing vocals I’ve ever heard from the Beatles. Even though Paul sounds great as always, and I love his voice, I find myself only paying attention to George and John’s (well, mostly George’s) backing vocals. I don’t really know why this particular version gets me, but listen for yourself and you’ll see what I mean. I probably paused the video at least 5 times during that song to pretend to scream, take a deep breath, and stop myself from freaking out too much.

So, if you don’t have time to listen to the whole concert, although I’d highly recommend it, those three songs are definitely worth checking out. The times at which they appear in the video can be found under the video title. I hope you enjoy your Beatley experience!


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