The Beatles dancing… What more could you want?

George dancing with his mom! How much cuter could he get?!?!

George dancing with his mom! How much cuter could he get?!?!

I must admit that I’m a sucker for videos that show the Beatles dancing in any way. It’s just the cutest thing to see them onstage in their suits and doing some dancy thing with their feet while singing. I guess that their songs were so catchy that even they couldn’t help but dance along to them! One of my wishes-that-will-never-come-true is to see Paul or Ringo on Dancing with the Stars. I bet that even if they weren’t such great dancers, they’d get a ton of votes! I’d certainly vote for them! I also heard recently that Eric Idle declined the opportunity to be on Dancing with the Stars, which made me very sad. I would have loved to see him on it! But if he won’t do it, and Paul and Ringo are too busy to do it, maybe someone can start a petition for Dhani Harrison to be on Dancing with the Stars. THAT would be an ideal situation! Oh well, one can hope…
So, here I have some videos that show various members of the Beatles dancing! I hope you enjoy!

I know I’ve posted this already, but it’s just so cute that I had to post it again, in case you missed it the first time!

Oh my gosh. Ringo. This is why I love him.

This might be my favorite part of A Hard Day’s Night. I love that Ringo and George are the only ones dancing, and John and Paul are just sitting on the side laughing! If I could choose any time and place to meet the Beatles, it would be while they were filming this scene of the movie. If I had my way completely, I’d be dancing with George for every single take. Even though it’s just a movie, he and Ringo look like they’re having so much fun! I especially love George’s dancing at 0:53 in the video… One of his best moments!

If you’ve ever seen the Hello, Goodbye promotional video, then you’ve seen this epic dance party at the end of the video! John and Paul are totally into it, but Ringo and George also have their fair share of wild dance moves! I can’t even figure out how John does that thing at 0:27 with his hands and feet. I don’t think I’ll attempt it.

I actually freaked out when I first saw this video at the end of Magical Mystery Tour. I almost couldn’t take it. The Beatles are doing CHOREOGRAPHY!!! And they’re doing it TOGETHER!!! In white suits!!! Paul is definitely the best in this, but my sweet George takes second place. To be honest, John and Ringo aren’t that coordinated, but it’s still a pleasure to watch them dance!

I mostly posted this because George does his adorable foot thing at 0:48 in the video! The George Harrison Shuffle!!!

The clapping by Paul and George… I can’t take it. It’s just too cute. George just cannot stop moving his feet! The Beatles onstage in their skinny pants and Beatle boots, on platforms, clapping and singing… It’s all too much! 🙂

I think I’d better stop here. Have a great week!


4 thoughts on “The Beatles dancing… What more could you want?

  1. Thanks for compiling these videos! I teach English in Peru, and we have an upcoming English day where the kids perform for the parents. This year each grade is going to have a Beatles song to sing, and my class wants to dance too. So here I can just grab the videos to show them how they danced back in the day… sweet.

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