I know I rarely post during the school week, but there was a very important development in the Beatle world today.
Drum roll please… Yes, it’s true, Paul is starting a new tour this summer!!!! I was absolutely delighted to read this article on his website this morning before I went to school. It definitely made the day better.
Here’s the most recent article on his new tour, which is called “Out There!”

Even though his only two confirmed dates are in Europe, I’m crossing my fingers and praying that he returns to the U.S. at some point, preferably to the New York area. If he comes within 200 miles of Long Island on his tour, I’m determined to find a way to go!
That’s assuming that I can actually get tickets, which isn’t a given because his concerts have sold out in as little as 6 minutes. Yikes. My chances don’t look too good. But I’m staying positive and hoping that the presale feature on will give me an advantage in getting tickets to a possible concert.
It’s funny because I’ve been so preoccupied lately with the rumors of the Rolling Stones tour in 2013 that I completely forgot about the possibility of Paul touring this year, so for me, this announcement came out of nowhere. Even though I’m trying not to get ahead of myself, I really can’t wait for the possibility that I MIGHT get to see Paul live this year!!!!

On a completely different note, today marks 44 years since John Lennon and Yoko Ono got married. I’d be willing to bet that if John was alive today, they’d still be married.

Okay, that’s all for today! If any more tour dates get announced, I’ll post a link here. Good luck to all of Paul’s fans hoping to see him live this year!



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