The “real” A Hard Day’s Night: The Beatles 1st US Visit

So, most Beatles fans know that the Beatles made 5 movies while they were together: A Hard Day’s Night, Help!, Magical Mystery Tour, Yellow Submarine, and Let it Be. I have seen 4 out of 5 of these movies, the one I haven’t watched being Let It Be. I suppose I could look it up on Youtube any time, but I haven’t. I think I’d be too sad watching it knowing that the Beatles weren’t happy making it and weren’t working together well. And of course, it basically chronicles their breakup.
But, the point of this post is to discuss a great movie that any Beatle fan would love, but which is not as well known as the 5 listed above. This movie is called The Beatles: The First US Visit, and it’s a documentary about, well, the Beatles’ first trip to America in February 1964. It goes through all of the Ed Sullivan appearances and their first American concert at the Washington Coliseum, which is great, but I really love it because it shows a side of the Beatles that the world didn’t get to see very often, the “normal” side. My favorite parts of the movie are the Beatles watching TV in their hotel room, packing their stuff, or in the car on their way to a show because during those parts, they say some pretty funny stuff and joke around with each other like four regular guys would do. Sometimes, in my Beatle fanaticism, I forget that in additon to being four musical geniuses, they were also four best friends, at least they were in the beginning. It’s nice to see them so relaxed and acting like goofballs with each other and with everyone else in the room, and they don’t shy away from the camera at all.
A funny part of this movie comes at about the 34 minute mark, where I’m pretty sure John sneaks a girl into the hotel room. Oh John, you naughty boy. 🙂 I also love the part right before that with Ringo dancing. Okay, so I basically love the entire movie. Can you blame me? What’s not to like about behind the scenes footage of the Beatles in 1964?
Here’s the video I found with the entire movie, if you’re interested.

Enjoy! I’m not sure what I’ll be posting the rest of the week, since I’m on spring break and actually have time to blog during the week, but I know that I’ll definitely have something about Eric Idle’s birthday on Friday. Have a great week!


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