Happy Birthday Eric Idle!!!

I know that I posted about Monty Python a while ago, and today I’ve returned to that subject to wish my favorite member of the British comedy troupe a happy birthday. Happy 70th birthday to Eric Idle!!!! If I could invite 3 people to dinner, I’d probably invite George, Paul, and Eric Idle. I’m sure that would make for some interesting dinner conversations! šŸ™‚
Eric Idle is probably the funniest man in the world. Really, he’s just so hilarious that I can’t help but smile or laugh whenever I see him on my computer or TV screen. Although every member of Monty Python is hilarious and extremely talented in his own special way, I think Eric is just a notch above the rest in terms of pure comedic potential. I first discovered the true extent of Eric’s comedic abilities while watching The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash for the first time last fall. I probably watched it about 4 times in the span of one weekend. I just couldn’t help but notice how incredibly funny he was as both the narrator and as Paul McCartney, although his bass playing/miming did leave much to be desired. After that, I started looking up Monty Python sketches in Youtube, and once I saw this sketch, I was an Eric fan all the way.

It’s probably not that hard to see why I fell in love with Eric after watching this sketch. He has the most beautiful fluffy hairstyle (which is probably a wig, but still!), and… Yeah. All I can say is, I wish I was Carol Cleveland in this sketch.
In fact, if I could have one dream job, it would be to be in the Monty Python comedy troupe. I love acting, and if time travel were somehow possible, I would seriously love to be on Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Unfortunately, the show ended about 40 years ago… Oh well, I can dream, can’t I?

Oh dear, I think I’ve gone a bit off topic. This is Eric Idle’s birthday post, so I should probably talk about him some more. Here’s a video of Eric on Rutland Weekend television in 1976… AND GEORGE HARRISON IS IN IT!!!! He’s playing a pirate, and… You really just have to see it to believe it.

Two of my favorite people, being funny together!!! I love this so much. George as Pirate Bob reminds me a lot of Patchy the Pirate on Spongebob.

Finally, another one of my favorite clips of Eric Idle, in what may well be his most famous sketch from Monty Python.

That’s all. Once again, happy birthday to Eric Idle!!!


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