The Big Bang Theory = My new favorite TV show!

Good grief, this seems to be becoming a pattern for me. Last winter break, I became obsessed with the Beatles and fell madly in love with George Harrison. Last Thanksgiving break, I became obsessed with Monty Python and fell in love with Eric Idle. And this spring break, I have become obsessed with The Big Bang Theory. The man on this show whom I admire the most? Jim Parsons. 🙂

I’ve always thought this show was funny, but I’ve never liked it enough to actually watch it regularly. But a few days ago, I was watching repeats of it on TBS with my cousins and my sisters, and I realized that unlike most shows on TV today, it’s actually funny, witty, clever, and original. I love the premise of four nerdy scientists living together, and their interactions with each other are hilarious. At first, I liked the character of Leonard the best, but then I quickly realized that compared to Sheldon, he’s kind of a boring character. And then I decided that Sheldon Cooper is clearly the best character on the show, and the whole reason why the show is so good.

Although I’m not really into science, and I’m not a man, I find that I can actually relate to Sheldon a lot. His lines are always so clever and hilarious, and sometimes I’m alarmed by the fact that I say things that are kind of similar to something he’d say. I also never thought I’d be attracted to a TV nerd, but he’s really such an adorable, dorky, likable character that you can’t help but love him!
Of course, his character would be nothing if he wasn’t played by an great actor, and that’s when I decided that Jim Parsons is my new favorite actor. He is so fantastic at playing this part, and definitely deserves the Emmy and Golden Globe he’s received for it. He also made a cameo in the Muppet movie from a couple of years ago! I love the fact that, from the interviews I’ve seen of him, he seems like a genuinely sweet, smart, humble, nice guy who greatly appreciates his life. He’s definitely an actor first and a celebrity second. He’s also not officially on Twitter, originally from Texas, plays classical piano, and enjoys fantasy football, although he never played sports as a kid.
Here’s a great clip of him on Ellen from last year:

I was shocked to find out after watching this video that Jim Parsons is 40. He does NOT look like he’s 40! I honestly thought he was 25! A bit of a misjudgement on my part. Nevertheless, I find him very attractive and absolutely adorable, just like his character Sheldon! And I love the slight Southern drawl in his voice.
And just in case someone points this out, I do know that he’s gay. However, that doesn’t change the fact that I’m currently in love with him! Graham Chapman was also gay, and I also love him. No qualms there. 🙂

Once again, this post has absolutely nothing to do with the Beatles. I have yet to find any connections between The Big Bang Theory and the Beatles, but I’ll keep looking. Or maybe one will turn up in a future episode! That would be great!
So, in conclusion, I apologize for going off topic, the Big Bang Theory is an awesome show, and Jim Parsons rocks. Have a great week! Bazinga!


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