Hilarious Beatle Promos

My inspiration for this post came yesterday when I was watching the promo to Help!, which I had never seen before. After watching many Beatle promo videos, I’ve noticed a few patterns running throughout all of them:
1. John is always making funny faces, forgetting the words even when he’s lip-syncing, and looking at Paul to make sure that they’re singing the same thing.
2. Paul is smiley and happy, performing the song like a true showman even though there’s no live audience, and just generally enjoying himself.
3. George rarely looks happy to be making the promos, sometimes glares at the camera, and is usually the one who somehow messes up the integrity of the video. However, when he does crack a smile, the whole screen lights up!
4. Ringo hardly ever has an actual drum kit to play on and is often stuck with a random prop to keep him busy.

Notice how these videos are all from the late 1964-1965 era. This was the Beatles’ “we were smoking marijuana for breakfast” (a direct quote from John) period. Enjoy!

I Feel Fine

I just love this video, for so many reasons. First, at 0:25, George is mouthing complete gibberish and wondering whether anyone will notice. Second, he’s singing into what looks like a bomb disguised as a microphone. Third, John seems VERY unsure of the lyrics, which for some reason he always messes up to this song. Thankfully, Paul’s there to remind him that it’s “I’m in love with her” instead of “She’s in love with me” or vise versa. And lastly, what the heck is Ringo doing on the exercise bike??? Couldn’t he have at least gotten a drum kit?
And whoever dressed the Beatles in turtlenecks for this video made a good call. They all look great in turtlenecks. 🙂


This video is hilarious! I’m really not sure why they’re all sitting single file on a plank. Paul and George keep trying to get in the shot throughout the video, which I find really funny because whenever George finally gets in the camera, Paul moves in front of him. I think Ringo gave up trying to be in the shot after about 10 seconds. Poor Ringo, all alone in the back with an umbrella. And the bouncing during the chorus… Paul looks so happy to be bouncing! George does not. But George does look cute while going along with the bouncing! Lastly, when the fake snow starts falling, I completely lose it. Especially at 1:38, when George does his absolutely priceless “What the heck?!?!? Snow?!?!?” face! For a fraction of a second, he looks a bit scared and really confused, and almost forgets to start singing. Evidently, no one told him that it would start snowing. Oh well. Ringo apparently got the memo.

Day Tripper

Seriously, whose idea was the set for this video??? I really want to know. And why are John and Paul front and center, but George and Ringo are literally stuck behind bars? Ringo at least tries taking matters into his own hands by sawing his way out, but once again, George looks like he has no idea what on earth is going on. Also, watch George’s fingers starting at 2:18. For a few seconds there, he’s not playing the riff; in fact, he’s not playing much of anything. While keeping a completely straight face, he just randomly moves his fingers for a bit. My guess is that he either really needed to stretch his fingers or just wanted to purposely mess up the video. I’m betting on the latter. Oh George… I love you no matter what you do.

Ticket to Ride

John and his terrible lip syncing is on full display here, especially at 1:38, when he does an enthusiastic “Yeah!” after realizing that he forgot to sing along to that part. And George singing along at 1:47 when he isn’t supposed to sing for the entire duration of the song always makes me smile.
But when he inexplicably stares directly at the camera at 1:52 for a solid 3 seconds with those dark, soulful eyes… Oh my. What a handsome man. It looks like he’s trying to punish whoever’s looking at him. Whatever I did, Georgie, I’m sorry and I won’t do it again! But please continue looking straight at the camera for all of us watching at home. Thanks. 🙂

Have a fab week!


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