Roll up, roll up, for the Out There Tour!

The man of the hour, Paul McCartney!

The man of the hour, Paul McCartney!

What has transpired in the past few days has been absolutely amazing. For months, I’ve been religiously checking, praying for the announcement of a new world tour, and that happened. For weeks, I’ve been waiting for the announcement of a concert in New York, and that happened. And for a short period of time last week after the concerts at Barclays Center in June were announced, but before the presale tickets went on sale, I was praying to the Beatle gods that I’d be able to get tickets to see Paul live. Well… That also happened! In other words… I WILL BE SEEING PAUL MCCARTNEY LIVE ON JUNE 10TH!!!!!!!!!!! This feels like a dream come true!

To be honest, I’m still in shock and disbelief over how quickly the whole thing transpired. Less than 72 hours ago, I had no idea that Paul was even coming to New York this summer. I figured that if he was doing a world tour, surely he’d make a stop in New York, but nothing was guaranteed. But last Thursday, I was in the library computer lab, checking just to see if there was any news, and I saw THE ANNOUNCEMENT. I must have sat there for a few minutes with my mouth gaping open, quietly (because it was in the library!) saying, “Oh my God, oh my God, it’s happening!” over and over again. I’m surprised the librarians didn’t notice. Maybe they also like Paul McCartney!

In any event, I quickly texted my mom and told all of my friends the news. I could barely concentrate for the rest of the day, because really, arithmetic sequences just don’t compare to a Paul McCartney concert at a theater near you. I was ecstatic, of course, but the real test of actually getting the tickets was still ahead. See, Paul’s concerts normally sell out in about 5 minutes, 10 if you’re lucky. And even though there was a presale for registered members of his website, which I am, a part of me was thinking, “Don’t get ahead of yourself. You don’t actually have the tickets yet. You might not be able to get them.” But most of me was thinking, “I MIGHT BE ABLE TO SEE PAUL LIVE IN LESS THAN TWO MONTHS!”

Friday Morning = T-Day. Ticket Day. Before school, I quickly briefed my mom on the presale thing and told her that 9 am, and not a minute later, was when they went on sale. I then went off to school, nervous but very, very excited. I waited very impatiently until lunch rolled around and I could text my mom without getting in trouble from a teacher. And then I saw that I already had a text from her, and it said, to paraphrase slightly, “We got tickets!”. I was over the moon.

That was a day and a half ago, and I’m still over the moon. On June 10th, I will be in the presence of Sir Paul McCartney, hearing him sing the songs that he wrote that make me so happy. Wow. I can’t wait! This sounds weird, but I think seeing him live will confirm for me that he’s actually a real person, because admiring him via Youtube and TV is not the same thing as actually seeing him in person. He almost seems like some mythical, larger-than-life legend to me at this point.
Anyway, tomorrow to celebrate what I’m unofficially dubbing “Paul Weekend,” I’ll be doing a post listing my top 10 Paul McCartney solo songs. I hope he performs them at the concert!
I also apologize for my excessive use of Caps Lock in this post. But, some things warrant an excessive use of Caps Lock, and I think this is one of them. So, one last time… PAULIE BABY, I’M COMING TO SEE YOU!!!! I LOVE YOU, YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!!!!!! 🙂

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