You Know You’re a Beatlemaniac… Part 5!

I guess Paul forgot half of his shirt? Not that I'm complaining! :)

I guess Paul forgot half of his shirt? Not that I’m complaining! πŸ™‚

Well, here we go again. I’ve come up with more “You know you’re a Beatlemaniac” symptoms, which, as usual, all apply to me. I hope you enjoy this continuation of a series that I honestly didn’t think I’d continue past the 3rd installment, though here I am again!

You Know You’re a Beatlemaniac If…

– You’ve never seen Let It Be because you know it’ll make you sad to see the Beatles breaking up right before your eyes. That’s honestly how I feel about this movie; I refuse to let myself watch Let It Be before I become a more mature Beatles fan and can handle it.
– You’re extremely frustrated that no one invented a time machine in time to save John and George’s lives. Life is not fair!
– You looked up “grotty” on no less than 8 different websites, INCLUDING Oxford English Dictionary, just to prove to your family that it did, in fact, originate from the movie A Hard Day’s Night. You have no idea how incredibly satisfied I felt to actually be right about this. Beatlemaniacism strikes again!
– You think that you may soon need to dedicate a whole drawer in your dresser to storing all of your Beatle shirts, sweatshirts, and the like. It’s actually getting ridiculous.
– You’ve made multiple photo albums on your iPod dedicated to the Beatles. Taking it one step further, your one for George, entitled, rather appropriately, “Gorgeous George!”, contains over 200 pictures of him. Yeah, you’re officially obsessed.
– You make sure to wear a Beatle shirt every couple of weeks or so just to ensure that the general public is aware that you’re still a Beatlemaniac, just like you were last month. Wouldn’t want anyone getting suspicious!
– You Google random things about the Beatles when you’re bored.
– You email pictures of the Beatles to yourself and take excessive screen shots on your iPod when the “save image” feature on the Google app stops working, because you’re determined to continue collecting Beatle pictures, and nothing is going to stop you!
– Your Beatle stuff has taken over the room that you share with your sister. Oh well, she better start liking them, because that Beatle poster is NOT coming off the wall!
– You sometimes take pictures of yourself with your Beatle posters, just for fun. George, smile!!!
(I’ll be honest, I’ve only done this once. I was REALLY bored, but I thought it was a little too weird, so I stopped…)
– You shout YAY!!!! whenever a Beatles song comes on the radio. Time to celebrate!
– You’ve decided that at your wedding, you will only dance to Beatles or Beatle-related music. Hopefully, your future spouse is willing to go along with that.
– You feel awkward when you’re at a party and there’s no Beatles music playing. However, there is crappy modern music playing, and though basically everyone else is dancing to it, you’re not. Then, when Twist and Shout or Birthday is FINALLY played, you’re the ONLY one singing along, and your peers don’t seem to know what hit them. It’s really a shame how this seems to work in the real world, as opposed to in your head, where everyone your age loves the Beatles.
– You hear someone mention the rubber sole of a shoe and you can only think of your favorite Beatle album with the same name.
– You often walk around the house on weekends singing Beatles songs to yourself and anyone who cares to listen, which is usually no one.
– You excitedly freak out, just a little, when there’s a Beatle question on Jeopardy. Of course, you ALWAYS know the answer!
And for those of my friends who think otherwise, for the last time, Jeopardy is NOT my favorite TV show!!!
– You love to challenge your Beatle-inclined friends to a friendly, but fiercely competitive game of Beatles Trivial Pursuit, and even when it’s just you against all of them, you win by a landslide.
– You make a foolish bet with your friend, and if you lose, you have to say something bad about the Beatles, out loud, in public. When you actually do lose the bet, which you never in a million years thought would happen, you chicken out and refuse to diss the Beatles in any way. Even though this goes against the bet, it’s what a true Beatlemaniac would do!
– More than once, you’ve attempted to meditate while listening to Within You Without You. It didn’t work.
– You nearly spit out your toothpaste when the announcers for your favorite sports team, in my case the Mets, mention the Beatles on the air while you’re brushing your teeth.
– You get Back In The USSR stuck in your head every time the Soviet Union is mentioned in your history class. Also, you can only think, “LENNON?!?!?” when Vladimir Lenin’s name is mentioned in class. And no, I’m not implying that John was a Communist. To be honest, his political affiliations don’t really interest me.
– You get your dad to like George Harrison for you on Facebook, because you don’t actually have a Facebook. Yes, I realize that some other random person runs George’s Facebook page since he’s no longer alive, but honestly, I’m pretty sure that Paul and Ringo don’t run their own Facebook pages either, so what’s the difference?
– You get very excited when you see that “1964 the tribute” is following your Beatle blog! Of course, once you actually look at the blog, you realize that it’s not the actual tribute band’s blog, but someone else’s blog ABOUT “1964 the tribute” and their tour schedule. Sigh…
– You kill time in math class by typing love letters to George on your calculator. Thank God for the alpha lock feature!
– You frequently have late night, post-homework dance marathons to Paul McCartney songs. This may be why My Brave Face and Ever Present Past are quickly becoming two of the most played songs in the iTunes library…
– You always sing along when abridged cover versions of Beatles songs are featured in commercials. Who cares if it’s a commercial for Tropicana orange juice, which you don’t even like? They’re singing Good Day Sunshine!!!

That’s all I’ve got for now. Have a great weekend!


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