George Harrison’s gently weeping guitar

Today, I’ve decided to share some videos of George playing lead guitar live. These videos are few and far between because 1, George didn’t perform live very often after the Beatles broke up, and 2, when he did, someone else usually played lead guitar. However, in these videos, George and his magical guitar finally get a chance to shine, and let me tell you, he does not disappoint. I would not consider myself a guitar expert AT ALL, but I’d like to think that I can recognize good guitar playing when I hear it, and in my opinion, George is simply a master slide guitarist, and a master guitarist in general. His playing is instantly recognizable and always flawless. So, enjoy these videos of a master at work! Go George!

My sweet Lord, the intro to this song is amazing! It’s so beautiful and perfectly done! I almost wish it was on the original song, but truthfully, the original song is perfect as well. And then there’s the rest of the song, which is played so beautifully that my eyes gently weep at the sight of it. Also, George sounds wonderful on this song. He never lost his singing voice as he got older.

I couldn’t find a video with just Till There Was You from the Ed Sullivan show, so to see that song here, skip to 2:35 in the video. I think George played the solo better live than on record. His solo here is smooth, sophisticated, and effortlessly played, and I love the cute looks he gives to the audience and the camera while playing. It’s almost like he’s saying, “Yeah, I’m good. Wanna stop screaming and freaking out so you can actually hear me play? Thanks.” For the Beatles’ first appearance on national American TV, he certainly didn’t look nervous at all.

George’s slide playing here is ridiculously good, and he makes it look so easy! I’m so glad that even with Eric Clapton as part of his backing band, George’s guitar playing got a chance to shine here. What I’d give to have been at this concert in Japan in 1991… Unfortunately, I wasn’t even born yet. Darn.

Another example of George playing some pretty awesome slide guitar in his mini-tour of Japan in 1991. Wow, he was good. His guitar playing gives his songs so much character. Also, I have to say that, live and on record, this is one sexy song. And the man singing it isn’t half bad either! 🙂

This performance of While My Guitar Gently Weeps is absolute perfection, except for that stupid microphone that keeps spinning. Even years after the Beatles, George still can’t get a good mic! Anyway, the reason why I really love this video is the epic guitar duel between George and Eric Clapton for the last 2 minutes of the video. Two legends in their own right, battling it out. In my opinion, they’re both winners!

That’s all for now. Have a lovely week!


3 thoughts on “George Harrison’s gently weeping guitar

  1. this is priceless , indeed. George was always the shy beetle , let the others decide. and eric clampton was considered a nerd while in high school , was not popular with the girls. you could see eric trying to egg George on , bring him out so as to show off some of his talents. thank you, you tube.

  2. I hope you do not mind , but I want to write some more thoughts. again , George Harrison often worried that he was not good enough , would john and paul keep him in the band. after all , they replaced the drummer , and brought ringo starr on board. and so we are seeing the talent that john and paul could see , and he need not worry. in 1964 , when the beatles came to America , and I was 23 years old , we here in America , at first ,we were not impressed , what was all of the fuss over these guys? until we heard there music , and then we all knew that this was a new direction for rock and roll. you see first was bill haley and the comets , and then came elvis presley , and the beatles were a new direction , and helped America heal somewhat after the assassination of president kennedy . but what the beatles did different was not only continue to use the chords of c , f , and g , but introduced many new chords never used up to this point in rock and roll. also , by using harmonics , this was all new stuff. these guys were musical geniuses . including George Harrison. rest in peace George , we love you.

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