Random Elton Anecdote

Today was the first day in maybe forever that I had absolutely nothing I had to do. So what did I do? Well, I felt in a very Elton John-y mood today, so I listened to “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” in its entirety, rewatched the episode of The Muppet Show with Elton John as the guest star, and looked up some interviews of Elton on Youtube that I hadn’t seen. I’d call that a pretty good day!

Anyway, there actually is a point to this post. I’ve noticed that as I’ve become a bigger music fan over the past couple of years, there are some songs that have really touched me emotionally, for various reasons. I always cry listening to “Jealous Guy” because I interpret it to be about John and Paul’s relationship, and “Here Today” makes me cry because it’s Paul’s heartbreaking tribute to John after he died. “Something”, while it doesn’t really make me sad, is one of the most beautiful songs ever recorded and always strikes a chord with me whenever I hear it, as do many George songs. I have a deep emotional connection with these songs because they were written by people who I deeply admire, and often about people who I admire as well.

Elton John has released many beautiful songs over the years, but there’s one of his songs that touches me above all the others that I’ve heard by him, and it is “Your Song”. The thing is, Elton is still alive and it wasn’t written as a tribute to someone who had passed away, so it’s not really a sad song for me in the traditional sense. But for whatever reason, I get choked up whenever I listen to it, especially at night before I go to sleep. It is an incredibly beautiful, heartfelt song, and for no other reason than that, it seems to be one of those songs that makes me cry. I’d put it in my personal category of “most beautiful love songs ever written,” along with “Can’t Get It Out Of My Head” by ELO and of course, “Something” by the Beatles.
John Lennon said once in a Rolling Stone interview, and I’m paraphrasing here off the top of my head, that hearing this song on the radio was the first example to him of something new and original in the music industry since the Beatles happened. A pretty big compliment, especially since Elton idolized John Lennon and still talks about how much John influenced him.

It’s songs like this that make me wish I could write songs. I don’t think I have that kind of talent, but I can appreciate others’ talent, and he definitely has an amazing talent for creating beautiful melodies. I’ve heard people sing this on shows like American Idol and The X Factor before, and they never do it justice. So I’ll post Elton singing it instead!

A pretty random post, but one that I just had to do. So enjoy! And summer is finally here! Yay!


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