How I rank the Beatles

So, if you’ve read my blog before, than you already know quite well that George Harrison is my favorite Beatle. But I didn’t realize until today that I’d never officially ranked all four Beatles in order from my least favorite to my favorite, and that is what this post is for. I do feel bad about having a 4th favorite Beatle, but truthfully, I love them all very much, so no one is really my “least favorite”. Nevertheless, here is how I rank the Beatles, from 4th to 1st favorite, and my reasons for each. Enjoy!

4. Ringo Starr

Ringo, rocking the rings.

Ringo, rocking the rings.

I feel really bad about putting Ringo 4th, but that’s just how it works out in my mind. I do love Ringo very much, however. He is probably the goofiest Beatle and always looks like he’s having a good time back there on the drums. Plus, he was basically the star of all of the Beatle movies because he could supposedly act the best. Ringo is just so darn lovable and awesome, but since he wasn’t exactly a primary songwriter in the Beatles, I have less Beatley output to judge him on, and that is why he’s 4th.

3. John Lennon

I love this picture, just because!

I love this picture, just because!

When I first started listening to the Beatles, John was my 4th favorite, but since I started listening to his solo music, I’ve gained a lot more respect and appreciation for him, and he moved up to 3rd in my book. Although all of the Beatles are hilarious, I think that John was the funniest Beatle. I really love his sense of humor and how he always had a witty remark or comeback to anyone who spoke to him, especially interviewers. His mind was so sharp and his songwriting was honest and brilliant, and he had a fantastic rock and roll voice. A lot of people think that he was the leader of the Beatles, which I do somewhat agree with. Being the founding member of the band, I think that the other Beatles probably looked up to him, at least in the beginning. He was definitely a really cool guy, and I wish he was around today so I could have a chance at running into him in NYC and so he could see how the world has changed since 1980. We need John back!!!

2. Paul McCartney

I just wanna pinch his cheeks!

I just wanna pinch his cheeks!

As I said in my Paul birthday post, Paul has always been my 2nd favorite Beatle. He seems to be the most popular choice for “favorite Beatle”, which I totally understand because he’s so cute and likable. Paul McCartney transcends generations with his awesomeness and was probably the hardest working Beatle, because without his persistence, the Beatles would most likely have recorded less music than they did. He was the driving force behind Sgt. Pepper and Magical Mystery Tour, for which I and all Beatle fans are very thankful. I’m not going to repeat everything about Paul I’ve already said on this blog, but you get it by now. He is amazing, wonderful, and extraordinarily talented, and I love him very much!!!

1. George Harrison

I wonder what he's looking at...

I wonder what he’s looking at…

Do I even have to say why I love George the most??? 🙂
I know I’ve said everything about George that I love most already, but here is some of it again. First, in my opinion, George Harrison is not only the best looking Beatle, but quite possibly the most attractive, cutest, sexiest man of all time. As soon as I watched my first Beatle Youtube video, I fell in love with him, and I’ve never looked back. Second, his music both with and without the Beatles was full of soul and just beautiful. His guitar playing was magnificent and his voice was unique, soothing, and comforting. Third, George was always honest and straightforward in his interviews. He said what he thought, without being too cutting, and he had an interesting and fascinating personality. He had so many interests, but all of them together made him my favorite person ever. From what I’ve gathered, George seems to be gaining popularity in the Beatle world these days. Maybe it’s because he’s been gone for 11 years, or maybe it’s because the Emmy-winning documentary made about him last year revealed his true soul to so many people. Either way, I love George Harrison with all of my heart, and I will until the end of my days!!!

So there you have it. My definitive ranking of the Beatles. Feel free to make your own list! Enjoy the week!


7 thoughts on “How I rank the Beatles

  1. Nice post but I personally prefer John over Paul. The reason why I prefer John over Paul is because I find John to be more interesting and quirkier songwriter than Paul.

    That is not to say that Paul is a bad songwriter, he also could write nice songs. But if I compared Paul’s songs to John’s songs I find Paul’s songs to be not as interesting as John’s songs. Then again, I have to admit that Paul is a very good looking man and he is also very hardworking.

    It is fine if you rank George as your most favorite Beatles member because I personally put John at the top of the list as being my most favorite Beatles member. I however would put George at the third position. The reason of why I put George at the third place is because I find him to be a bit bland compared to the other Beatles members, although I do find his guitar skill and grounded personality to be quite interesting.

    As for Ringo, I agree with your positioning, I also put him at the fourth. That is not to say that Ringo is less valuable than the other members but I just find him to be less charismatic. I however do enjoy his lighthearted personality and drumming skills.

  2. The Beatles ranked (for me) is:
    4. John
    3. Ringo
    2.5. Stu Sutcliffe
    2. George
    1. Paul
    I’m not sure why; it’s just what my heart tells me.
    All that I know for sure is that I love them all way too much.

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