Eric vs. Paul: The Ultimate Showdown

One incredibly adorable man...

One incredibly adorable man…

... Against this guy!

… Against this guy!

As promised, here is my Eric Idle vs. Paul McCartney showdown. One of my favorite actors against one of my favorite musicians. I’m not quite sure how this will go down, but I guarantee that I will play fair. Enjoy!

Sense of humor: While Paul McCartney is certainly no slouch in the humor department, this is Eric’s category to lose. Why? Because Eric Idle is a freaking comedic genius and a member of possibly the funniest group of people ever, the Monty Python comedy troupe. Just him appearing onscreen for a split second is enough to crack me up. Eric Idle is just a hilarious person and a brilliant comedic actor. And that’s why he wins this category!
Paul McCartney: 0
Eric Idle: 1

Acting ability: Once again, no contest here. As revered as Paul is, I doubt that many people would put him above Eric in the acting department. Although Paul did a great job in that SNL sketch from last year, Eric Idle is definitely the superior actor.
Paul McCartney: 0
Eric Idle: 2

Singing ability: Don’t worry, it won’t be a washout for Paul! Eric Idle actually has a pretty good voice and is unofficially known as “the singing Python” because he plays guitar and wrote most of the famous Monty Python songs, like “Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life”. However, Paul McCartney, who I think was the best singer in the Beatles, is definitely the better singer. Paul has always had a fantastic and very versatile voice, but the fact that he still sounds amazing at age 71 is a true testament to his legendary singing talent. So, Paul wins!
Paul McCartney: 1
Eric Idle: 2

Overall charm: Eric Idle certainly comes across as a charming person, but Paul is definitely the more charming of the two. In every interview he’s given that I’ve seen, Paul manages to make me go “Awwwww!” at least once. He’s still the cute Beatle, what can I say? He’s a charmer!
Paul McCartney: 2
Eric Idle: 2

Sense of style: To be honest, I don’t really know how to call this one. I don’t think of either as being particularly notably stylish, although Paul always looks well dressed to me. I think I’m calling this a draw.
Paul McCartney: 3
Eric Idle: 3

Looks: Okay, Paul wins by far. I do think that Eric Idle was the most attractive member of Monty Python and is still very handsome, but come on. This is the cute Beatle we’re talking about! Paulie was and still is the most adorable person in the whole wide world!!! And if not for a certain person named George Harrison, I’d say that Paul was the cutest Beatle. Unfortunately, George claims that title, but Paul still beats out Eric in this category.
Paul McCartney: 4
Eric Idle: 3

Personality: I really love both of their personalities, although I feel like I have a better sense of Paul’s personality because I’ve watched way more interviews of him than I have of Eric. But as far as the person who I am interested in and respect more, I think I have to go with Paul on this one. Since there’s no official Paul McCartney documentary or autobiography floating around, the real Paul is still a bit of a mystery to me, and I hope that one day they make a movie about Paul like they did with George!

The Final Tally:
Paul McCartney: 5
Eric Idle: 3

Yay Paulie!!! You won!!!

Yay Paulie!!! You won!!!

Even though I love Eric, I’m kind of glad Paul won. He definitely deserves it!
Have a fab week! Enjoy the last weeks of summer!


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