Do you want to know a secret?

It's no secret that the Beatles were absolutely adorable!

It’s no secret that the Beatles were absolutely adorable!

So for today’s post, I’ve decided to compile a list of little-known Beatle factoids that I’ve stored in my mind over the last several months. Some of these I read about in the Beatle Anthology book, which I would HIGHLY recommend to any Beatle fan! And I’m really not sure where I read some of the other facts, but I do hope they’re accurate. Otherwise I would be letting you down. And I wouldn’t want that! So here we go!

– The original working title of the movie “Help!” was “Eight Arms To Hold You”. I don’t know about you, but I much prefer “Help!”.
– George’s “first time” was when the Beatles were playing in Hamburg in 1960. All four Beatles have said that Hamburg, and not Liverpool, was where they really grew up, and they were definitely exposed to the seedier side of life there…
– According to Paul, John threw up before almost every concert they ever did.
– George was first introduced to the Indian culture when there were sitars and things of that nature around a lot on the set of “Help!”. And so his lifelong obsession began!
– It’s well documented that the Beatles performed the first-ever outdoor rock concert at Shea Stadium in 1965 to a packed house, but they also played there again in 1966. Amazingly, I don’t think the 1966 concert sold out.
– The word “Beatles” is never mentioned in the movie “A Hard Day’s Night”. I know, hard to believe, but I watched the whole movie recently and “Beatles” is definitely never said at all in the film.
– Most of the songs on George’s 1st solo album, All Things Must Pass, were actually written during the Beatle years. Unfortunately, they didn’t make the cut for any of the Beatle albums. I guess when John and Paul are also in your band, there is a LOT of competition for getting songs on the albums!
– Fellow 60s British recording artist Donovan contributed the lyrics “Sky of blue and sea of green” to the song “Yellow Submarine”.
– “Flying”, the only officially released instrumental in the Beatles’ catalog, is also the only song on which all four Beatles share songwriting credits.
– Technically, the first solo Beatles album was Paul’s soundtrack for the 1966 movie “The Family Way”.
– An possible, but ultimately rejected title for Abbey Road was “Everest”. I think that lasted about five minutes.
– The Beatles had almost nothing to do with making the movie “Yellow Submarine” other than approving the basic idea and appearing in it at the end to fulfill a contractual obligation. I kind of wish that they did their own voices for their animated selves…
– John wrote “All You Need Is Love” about two weeks before the Beatles performed it on the internationally broadcast “Our World” program in 1967. He had apparently forgot that he had promised to write a new song for the occasion and dashed it off at the last second.
– The last song that the Beatles performed at their last official concert at Candlestick Park in 1966 was “Long Tall Sally”.
– George earned the nickname “the Quiet Beatle” on their first trip to America in 1964 when got very sick, lost his voice, and was ordered by the doctor not to talk too much. And the name stuck!
– George visited America before any of the other Beatles when he visited his sister in Benton, IL, in 1963.
– The Beatles were the biggest selling band of the 1st decade of the 2000s, and their greatest hits compilation album “1” was the biggest selling album. This makes me very happy!!!!

That’s all I’ve got for now. Have a lovely weekend!


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