It was 12 years ago today…

Sadly folks, today is the 12th anniversary of George’s death. I was only 4 years old when he passed, and I don’t remember hearing anything about the death of a Beatle. My parents have said that they don’t recall a huge amount of media coverage over his death either, although I suppose that the internet was not quite as ubiquitous in 2001 as it is today. This day is a weird one because while it is just a normal day for most people, for me it involves remembering the passing of someone whom I never actually met, but whom I admire and respect more than almost anyone else.

I won’t do a REALLY long post about this, because I think I’ve said almost everything I can say about George already on this blog, but here’s one thing about today that I know for sure: if George were here, he would not want me, or anyone else, to be sad and mourn his passing. George would probably think that that any fuss made over his death is rather silly and ridiculous, because everyone has to die at some point. And I wouldn’t blame him, but I still can’t help feeling a little sad that someone so beautiful in so many ways was taken from this world after only 58 years. Why does cancer have to kill so many people???

Here’s a really fascinating interview with George that I just found. It’s a great insight into the level of humanity and honesty in his character.

From everything that I’ve ever heard or read about George, he was someone who was universally liked and respected, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone who knew him say anything negative about him. I know he wasn’t a perfect person, but who is? I love him anyway. From his extremely handsome face, to his ever-present Liverpudlian accent, to his (I think) underrated songwriting skills, to his incredible guitar playing, to his quiet philanthropy and never-ending kindness… He was truly a beautiful soul. I’ll probably end up watching the Living In The Material World movie at least once this weekend, and I can guarantee that I will be crying by the end, just like every other time I’ve watched it. Everything about George just makes me so emotional.

This tribute video to George is the best one I have yet to come across on Youtube, and I think it captures his beauty and personality perfectly.

So although it’s late in the day, if you’re reading this now, take a moment and think about what George Harrison means to you. Remember that while all things must pass, if we keep his music alive, George Harrison will never be forgotten.
RIP my sweet George. Although our paths never crossed, I love you from the bottom of my heart. šŸ™‚

Gorgeous George. You are my sunshine.

Gorgeous George. You are my sunshine.


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