Congratulations Paul for FIVE Grammys!!!

I'm so glad they performed together!!! :)

I’m so glad they performed together!!! 🙂

So I know this post is about a week late, but I just wanted to acknowledge that Paul won a total of 5 Grammys last Sunday!!! In case you care, here they all are:
Best Rock Song- Cut Me Some Slack (with Dave Grohl, Pat Smear, and Krist Novoselic)
Best Music Film- Live Kisses
Best Surround Sound Album- Live Kisses
Best Boxed or Special Limited Edition Package- Wings Over America
Best Compilation Soundtrack- Sound City (in which he was involved with “Cut Me Some Slack”)

The Beatles also received the 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award, although I can’t quite figure out why they didn’t win it sooner. Anyway, although I didn’t watch most of the Grammys, I did enjoy watching all of the segments with Paul, Ringo, or even better, BOTH OF THEM TOGETHER!!! Here are some clips from the show if you are interested.

Paul accepting the award for “Best Rock Song” with Dave Grohl, Pat Smear, and Krist Novoselic

I think it’s funny that Paul barely says anything in the acceptance speech. I guess he wanted to give Dave the spotlight, which was pretty considerate and humble of him.

Ringo performing “Photograph”

I don’t know why the critics thought this was boring and a waste of time. Is Ringo the exciting showman that Paul is? Well, no. But is the song great and a well-acknowledged classic? Yes!

And now… The best part of the entire show! Paul AND Ringo performing together on one of Paul’s NEW songs, “Queenie Eye”!
I couldn’t find a good video of this on Youtube, so just scroll down here for the video. Obviously, this was by far my favorite moment of the show. I sort of wish they did more than one song, but I guess that’s what the Ed Sullivan special is for!!! Next weekend is sure to be a great weekend, what with the 50th anniversary of the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show and all, so be on the lookout for some celebratory posts!

Well, needless to say, overall the Grammys this year made me very happy! I think I will do a post about my top 10 solo Beatles albums tomorrow. Enjoy the weekend!


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