You Know You’re a Beatlemaniac… Part 7!

John, apparently doing his Elvis impression.

John, apparently doing his Elvis impression.

Okay, I think this segment is becoming a bit of a joke, but since I keep coming up with new Beatlemaniacism symptoms, I figure I should do my civic duty and continue posting them. Here we go, yet again! If you have any symptoms of your own that you’d like to share (don’t be embarrassed… There is no shame in being a Beatlemaniac), feel free to comment!

– You freak out when the category on final Jeopardy is “The Beatles,” inform your family that you have waited your entire life for this, and promptly get the question right as soon as it displays on the screen. Oh yeah.
– When you click on a Beatles video on Youtube, you automatically click “like” before you even watch it.
– You constantly try to figure out the Beatley configurations of various four-person ensembles. I sort of stole this from a blog post I read, but among the Big Bang Theory cast members, I’ve decided that Sheldon is John, Leonard is Paul, Raj is George, and Howard is Ringo. See what I mean?
– You compare every concert you go to with the Paul McCartney concert you were fortunate enough to attend. But none of them, not even Elton John, can top the mighty Macca.
– You’ve joined multiple Beatle-related groups on Facebook.
– You know the exact spot in Let it Be where Paul hits a wrong note on the piano. I’m surprised they left it on the album, but it was the Let it Be album. The Beatles didn’t even care enough to oversee the production… Enter Phil Spector, and the rest is infamously history.
– You always write about the Beatles in your SAT essays because they apply to so many different themes of life. Creativity? Check. Hard work? Check. Determination? Check. They’re basically the “To Kill a Mockingbird” of the music industry.
– You sometimes start subconsciously singing Beatles songs while walking down the street without even realizing it.
– Your respect for a musician or a famous person automatically skyrockets if you find out that they like the Beatles.
– You shrieked with delight when Paul won yet ANOTHER Grammy, which seemingly happens every year these days. He’s still a force to be reckoned with!
– If you’re about to leave the room and a Beatles song comes on the radio, you make up an excuse in your head about why you can’t leave the room just yet and stall for the length of the song.
– Whenever you’re running down the street, you feel like a Beatle in opening scene of A Hard Day’s Night when they’re running away from screaming fans.
– Whenever you watch that scene from Ferris Bueller with Twist and Shout, you sing along.
– Many of your friends mention the Beatles when they write messages in your yearbook.
– You frequently listen to the Anthology 2 version of And Your Bird Can Sing just for a good laugh. Hear it here:

I can never listen to this without cracking up at least once. 🙂
– You’ve decided that if you ever got a Twitter, the first person you’d follow would be Paul McCartney/The interns at Let’s face it, he’s definitely not writing his own tweets, but it’s still worth a follow.

Yes, I know it’s Paul’s birthday, but I started this a couple of days ago and wanted to finish it. A birthday post will be on the way very soon!


3 thoughts on “You Know You’re a Beatlemaniac… Part 7!

  1. Hi again – sorry if I’m being a pain, but I couldn’t resist adding some of my own ideas!
    You know you’re a Beatlemaniac when…
    – You’ve had the following conversation with someone:
    YOU: George Harrison is awesome!
    OTHER: Who the hell is Josh Harrison?
    YOU: It’s George.
    OTHER: Well, who is he?
    YOU: Oh my God – you don’t know who George is? (*Goes into lecture on the Harrisons*)
    OTHER: (*Falls asleep*)
    – You feel like yelling at the half of Australia who thinks ‘grotty’ is an Australianism, “IT’S A BEATLEISM!”
    – You live in Adelaide, your favourite thing about which is that your relatives helped give The Beatles their largest reception.
    – You contemplate buying world record books, just because The Beatles are mentioned on the ‘bestselling artists’ page.
    – You go to a city interstate to see a Beatles exhibition, which you’ve already seen in another interstate city.
    Not sure if you got my other comment on ‘Good Day Sunshine’ (didn’t press ‘reply’) but the other Australian – Lucy In The Sky – is also me – tangerinetrees99. I wanted to comment on your blog beforehand, so I did, and then I ended up getting an account.
    What’s the weather like in the US? It’s about 10-12 degrees Celsius and raining, here in Adelaide (brr!).
    Love tangerinetrees99 🙂

    • I love these! Especially the one about the record books. That is absolutely something I’d do. I’ve spent more time than is necessary perusing over the Beatle centerfold page in the 1997 Guinness World Record book and memorizing every record they hold. 🙂
      Also I’ve had very similar conversations to the George one you mentioned here. Sigh…
      Don’t worry, I did get your other comment! Thanks for being such an enthusiastic reader of my blog under two different accounts!
      The weather here has been pretty nice recently, with not too much “Rain” and just enough good days of sunshine. 🙂

      • Thanks for replying so quickly – if I’m correct, the time difference between here and the US is 24 hours, so that’d explain why you’ve seen it! ‘Woman’ by John is on the radio, too, so I thought I’d reply.
        Funny story about that record book – I was on a school camp in Canberra (our capital city), and I was searching through all the books in the National Museum gift shop for a Beatles reference. When I came across the page with The Beatles on it, I think I spent about 5 mins gawking at them (it’d been four days since I’d seen a picture of them last), until another girl came by and gave me an odd look!
        Same with the George thing – I managed to educate all the people in my former year level (with plenty of those conversations – my accent goes Scouse when I say their names, etc., even though – unlike the rest of Aus – South Australians speak with a nasaly British accent), but I skipped the rest of that grade, and everyone up a year higher is 10 times worse! Someone asked me the other day, ‘Who’s John Lemon?’ John’s my fave, so I was absolutely mortified!
        Lucky with the weather – SA is freezing in Winter (but stifling hot in Summer, which is worse)!
        Oh, and how did you find out about Adelaide? Hardly anyone out of the country knows use (which makes you really cool…)! Guess you must have done your Beatley research…
        Good day sunshine 🙂

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