Beatles Song of the Week: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

The man. The myth. The legend.

The man. The myth. The legend.

I wasn’t entirely sure what to post today, so I decided to discuss in detail one of my favorite Beatles songs: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. I don’t think this originally made my list of “Top 10 Favorite Beatles Songs” (although I might do an updated version of that list… Stay tuned), but it is extremely well deserving of praise. The synth in the beginning is just hypnotic; it’s one of those things where I’m almost sad when the song actually starts because I loved the opening so much. The melody in this song is absolutely amazing. See what I mean…

After consulting my trusty Beatles Anthology book, I’d like to debunk a popular myth in Beatleland. This song, according to John Lennon, is NOT an ode to LSD. He supposedly came up with it after he saw his son Julian drawing something named “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.” Some may not buy this, but I personally believe that John was correct. Although this is the same guy that claimed he dreamt about a man on a flaming pie who told him, “From this day forward, you are Beatles with an A,” and from there, the band name was born. So, who really knows. I think I’ll consult George for that one.

Still, a lot of the Beatles’ story is comprised of myths like this one, which I think adds to their overall mystique and appeal. People like to make up their own stories about the Beatles, or in some cases, make money off of their chance encounters with Beatles (some guy wrote an entire book about a brief conversation he had with John in NYC once, no joke). I think that the fact that so many aspects of the Beatles’ history remain a mystery actually fuels their ever-growing fan base, a generation of new fans eager to find out the ultimate truth about the lads.

But so much has been written about the Beatles at this point that we probably know almost everything about them that we will ever know. I doubt Paul or Ringo will be writing tell-all autobiographies any time soon. And I’m sort of content to never really know what Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds was all about. I like not knowing EVERYTHING about them. It preserves their artistic integrity in a way. The music is what the Beatles are known for, and it will last no matter what theories it inspires.

Frankly, although I love reading about the Beatles, there are only so many “Life and Times of the Beatles” books I can read before they honestly all sound the same. Their history at this point has been rehashed by so many different authors that it’s hard to know what actually happened. I prefer to make up my own theories about the Beatles, which I probably won’t put into a book, but you never know…. 🙂

Okay, I’ve digressed long enough. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. It’s a great song. A true classic, in fact, in the Beatles classic-laden catalogue. Now go off, listen to it, and believe whatever you will about its origin. Enjoy the week!

Oh yeah, and Ringo’s birthday is tomorrow! I’ll do a post for him, but in the meantime, happy early birthday Ringo!!!


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