The news today, oh boy, in Beatleland

This picture describes me so well!

This picture describes me so well!

For today, I thought I’d do a relatively quick post highlighting some important things going on across the Beatleverse. First, I just saw this article today, and it got me very excited! A new feature-length documentary about the Beatles! There can never be too many of those! Hopefully this one, unlike The Beatles: The Lost Concert, will actually make it to theaters without being pulled due to copyright issues…
As much as I already know about the Beatles’ existence, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of seeing the same magical story told over and over again. It’s almost like seeing a favorite musical continually revived year after year.

I also watched a fantastic program about the Beatles on CNN last week entitled, “The Sixties: The British Invasion”. It was the sixth part in a ten-part series about the most important and revolutionary events of the sixties. As you might have guessed, this episode focused on the arrival of the Beatles in America and the impact of the entire British invasion on American life. I will admit that I saw a VERY similar program on PBS a while back, but that didn’t make this one any less interesting. I always enjoy hearing about how groundbreaking, innovative, and fab the Beatles and their 60s counterparts were back in the day. πŸ™‚

In other news, Paul has begun touring again after a health scare in May. Thank goodness he is better, and judging from a video of a recent concert, he appears to be in his usual top form. I know this may sound greedy considering that I’ve already seen Paul in concert once, but I would give just about anything to see him again. Those fireworks during Live and Let Die were even better than advertised!

This is a bit unrelated, but thanks to tangerinetrees99, I found this incredible list of symptoms of Beatlemaniacism, which I will share with you. I think at least 90 of these apply to me. And yes, I did bother to read the entire list. That’s what any true Beatlemaniac would do!

There are no particularly Beatley events coming up in the very near future for me, but if anything comes up, I will definitely blog about it. I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful summer/winter, depending on what side of the world you’re on. πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “The news today, oh boy, in Beatleland

  1. Hey – it’s me again! Listening to my ‘Revolver’ LP at the moment (end of ‘Got To Get You Into My Life’ at the moment)!
    I heard about that new documentary on the news break on my local Classic Hits radio station (what else would I listen to?!)! I can’t wait to see it – is it going to cinemas? Tell me more about ‘The Beatles: The Lost Concert’ – never heard of that one, before! This new one has full support from Paul, Ringo, Yoko and Olivia, so let’s hope it’s not pulled!
    Talking of cinemas, have you seen ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ yet, on the big screen?? If so, what was it like? Looks like it might make its way down under, after all…
    Glad to hear that Paul is better now! What was it like to see him live? What was it like when he told you he loved you??
    My grandfather gave me ‘Cloud 9’ on LP the other week – thought of you! What are the best tracks on it? Thought it was sweet when he thanked John, Paul and Ringo in the credits! And I’ve been listening to ‘All Things Must Pass’ a lot, lately – what a fabulous album!!
    Oh, and glad I helped you find that list! In fact, I was looking for those lists when I discovered you – your list is the best of them, though (and I’m not just saying that!)!
    Kind of a random question, but do you have an account on the Fab Forum on the Beatles Bible website? I’m going to log in through tangerinetrees99 on the weekend, cos it’s made via WordPress!
    Oh, and you seem very, very clever – I can see the likeness between you and George (also very smart)! I got John in Beatleology.
    Thanks for liking my post – glad you enjoyed it! I had to explain to my mum who you are… And our Winter is very cold at the moment (12 degrees – brr!), but yeah, it’s nice! Hope your Summer is good. Love tangerinetrees99 πŸ™‚

    • “The Beatles: The Lost Concert” was a movie about the Beatles’ first American concert in Washington D.C. that was SUPPOSED to be released in theaters, including my local movie theater, a couple of years ago. However, due to some complicated copyright issue, it was pulled from theaters and never made it back. I’m still hopeful it will make an appearance one day!
      I have not seen AHDN on the big screen, mostly because it’s not playing that near me and I do own it on DVD, but I would love nothing more than the chance to see the Beatles’ gorgeous 1964-era mugs on the big screen. πŸ™‚
      Seeing Paul live was… The best thing that ever happened. It almost feels like it never happened because it was so magical and dreamlike. If I could see any artist in concert, I would probably choose to see Paul again. And when he acknowledged my “I love you Paul,” I think I screamed. I’m really not sure to be honest. But it was so cool!!!
      I love the Cloud Nine album a lot! I honestly think every single song is equally amazing. Seriously, it’s a stellar album. Make sure you listen to the whole thing!!!
      I do not currently have an account on the Fab Forum. I don’t generally like to make a ton of online accounts if I can avoid it, but of course, for the Beatles, I’ll make just about any exception. So I may have to create this account!
      Thanks for reading my blog!

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