Here Comes the Son

It’s taken a while for me to come down off of the cloud that was “a record 497 views in one day” last week. I was celebrating. 🙂 That Kinks post I did got a lot of traffic!
Anyway, today I’d like to wish Dhani Harrison a happy birthday! As I’ve said before, his band, thenewno2, is great and I hope they come out with some new music soon! They rock! Also, I’m happy that through Dhani, George’s fantastic facial features were passed on to another generation for us 21st century Beatle fans to admire. 🙂

In honor of Dhani’s birthday, I thought I’d post some pictures of George with Dhani. These two truly embody the saying, “Like father, like son.” Enjoy!

Aww... Baby Dhani!

Aww… Baby Dhani!

They're probably on their way somewhere cool.

They’re probably on their way somewhere cool.

Dhani is clearly channeling George's fab fashion sense here

Dhani is clearly channeling George’s fab fashion sense here

Dhani is rocking the Beatle hair!

Dhani is rocking the Beatle hair!

I think I've posted this before, but the similarity always makes me laugh. :)

I think I’ve posted this before, but the similarity always makes me laugh. 🙂

That’s all for today. It’s August now! Where has the summer gone??? I better enjoy having ample blogging time while I still have it! Have a great weekend!


George and Pattie, the perfect 60s couple

So, although this post is a day late, today I’m commemorating the 48th anniversary of George Harrison and Pattie Boyd getting married. While it’s really a shame that it didn’t work out between them (and based on her book, he got over her a lot faster than she got over him), they certainly were a attractive couple. I honestly think that George and Pattie are two of the most beautiful people who have ever walked the earth, so it makes sense that they fell in love! Here are some equally beautiful pictures of them to celebrate their marriage!

George and Pattie on their wedding day in 1966

George and Pattie on their wedding day in 1966

On their honeymoon. I really don't blame her for being all over him.

On their honeymoon. I really don’t blame her for being all over him.

What a stunning picture. I love how he's leaning on her head a bit.

What a stunning picture. I love how he’s leaning on her head a bit.

They're so snazzy and stylish!!!

They’re so snazzy and stylish!!!

I just love this picture, for rather obvious reasons... :)

I just love this picture, for rather obvious reasons… 🙂

Matching belts!!! And George looks really hot.

Matching belts!!! And George looks really hot.

One final picture. And isn't it a beauty!

One final picture. And isn’t it a beauty!

While I do think that in the long run, Olivia was probably a better match for George, I’m still a George/Pattie fan. It’s nice that they stayed friends even after they got a divorce, and the fact that George told her she could always come back to him if things didn’t work out with Eric is really sweet. I know this is probably for the five hundredth time, but I just love George so much. 🙂
Have a wonderful rest of the week!

Oh the weather outside is frightful… But Paul is so delightful!!!

A lovely pic of Paul and Linda singing together!

A lovely pic of Paul and Linda singing together!

So it’s snowing here in NY! School was dismissed early today (hooray!) and I had a few extra hours on my hands, and what do you suppose I decided to do??? Well, after doing some homework, I decided to sit down and watch Rockshow, the 3 hour concert documentary made of Paul McCartney and Wings’ 1976 tour of North America. I honestly can’t imagine a better way to spend a snowy afternoon than sitting in my basement for hours on end watching Paul sing to me via the television, albeit in a movie from 35 years ago.

This was a movie that as a major Beatles and Paul fan, I’d been wanting to watch for a long time, and I was certainly not disappointed! For those expecting a movie with lots of behind-the-scenes footage of the band, this has none of that. It’s just the concert, from beginning to end, but really, shouldn’t that be enough? It’s Paul, for crying out loud. He’s (arguably) the single most entertaining person who has ever lived!

Watching this reminded me of the absolute joy I felt watching Paul onstage live last June, and I loved watching him perform many of the same songs in this movie, like “Lady Madonna” and “Blackbird”, as well as a bunch of Wings songs, that he did when I saw him. It’s definitely not hard to believe it’s the same person; he does the same little Paul things now, like making what I call his “bass-face”, that he did 40 years ago. Paul truly is a natural showman, definitely the best out of the four Beatles, and his love for music shines through in his performing.

I’d also like to add that Paul just looks amazing in this movie. From the mullet which only he can pull off, to the sparkly jacket and pink tie, to the odd but charming shiny pants, to his amazingly perfect, angelic, sexy, raspy voice, he is a bonafide rock star in every sense of the word. Paul is just so perfect at music and life. I felt the need to clap after every song while watching this movie, even though he obviously can’t hear me. I seriously need to meet this man, give him a big hug, and tell him just how much I love him.

So, if you’re wondering what all of this fuss is about, here are a couple of awesome clips from the movie! The first one is of a song not actually written by Paul, but by other Wings member Denny Laine! What I did not realize before watching this movie is that Denny actually has a great voice, though he is a little kooky. And I am obsessed with this version of the song. It’s by far the best version I’ve heard.

This song, “Bluebird,” is I think one of Paul’s most underrated solo songs. It’s really quite lovely, and this version is wonderful. Even after all of the screaming and high-octane rock numbers, Paul always knows how to scale it back vocally for a song like this. That’s why he’s so great!

The reason that I’m including this next song, “Let ‘Em In,” is purely because at 1:03 in the video, Paul clearly says, “Do me a FLAVOR” instead of the actual lyric, “Do me a FAVOR”! I laughed when I heard that. Silly Paulie. 🙂
This song seems pretty easy to learn on the piano, so I may attempt it in the future. I’ll let you all know how that turns out…

Okay, one more video. This one is of “Jet,” one of my absolute favorite Paul songs, and this is what I mean when I’m describing his voice during this concert. Especially during this song, he just sounds so irresistibly sexy! I was practically drooling while watching this at home. And when he does the little “Ooh, she said!” hand gestures… I lost it. Maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t grow up in the 70s, for everyone else’s sake…

That’s all for now! I do have an idea for another post, but that may have to wait until tomorrow. Stay fab everyone!

Happiness is a Picture of the Beatles

Because I couldn’t think of what to post today, here’s some random, adorable, and attractive Beatle pictures for you. You can never go wrong with that! Enjoy!

Paul and Ringo = Love

Paul and Ringo = Love

My current cover photo on Facebook. My adorable Shakespearian lads!

My current cover photo on Facebook. My adorable Shakespearian lads!

My two favorite Beatles!!!

My two favorite Beatles!!!

George and Pattie. Quite possibly the most attractive couple ever.

George and Pattie. Quite possibly the most attractive couple ever.

Oh George... No one can take your dancing spirit away from you.

Oh George… No one can take your dancing spirit away from you.

This is so hot I can't even take it. George's perfect face is just ridiculously unfair to the rest of us humble folk.

This is so hot I can’t even take it. George’s perfect face is just ridiculously unfair to the rest of us humble folk.

George being a mortal and washing his hands. I just find this really cute.

George being a mortal and washing his hands. I just find this really cute.

Paul: "Get out." :)

Paul: “Get out.” 🙂

That’s all for today. I will try to review Elton John’s The Diving Board next weekend! (spoiler alert: it’s wonderful!!!)
Have a great rest of the week!

Eric vs. Paul: The Ultimate Showdown

One incredibly adorable man...

One incredibly adorable man…

... Against this guy!

… Against this guy!

As promised, here is my Eric Idle vs. Paul McCartney showdown. One of my favorite actors against one of my favorite musicians. I’m not quite sure how this will go down, but I guarantee that I will play fair. Enjoy!

Sense of humor: While Paul McCartney is certainly no slouch in the humor department, this is Eric’s category to lose. Why? Because Eric Idle is a freaking comedic genius and a member of possibly the funniest group of people ever, the Monty Python comedy troupe. Just him appearing onscreen for a split second is enough to crack me up. Eric Idle is just a hilarious person and a brilliant comedic actor. And that’s why he wins this category!
Paul McCartney: 0
Eric Idle: 1

Acting ability: Once again, no contest here. As revered as Paul is, I doubt that many people would put him above Eric in the acting department. Although Paul did a great job in that SNL sketch from last year, Eric Idle is definitely the superior actor.
Paul McCartney: 0
Eric Idle: 2

Singing ability: Don’t worry, it won’t be a washout for Paul! Eric Idle actually has a pretty good voice and is unofficially known as “the singing Python” because he plays guitar and wrote most of the famous Monty Python songs, like “Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life”. However, Paul McCartney, who I think was the best singer in the Beatles, is definitely the better singer. Paul has always had a fantastic and very versatile voice, but the fact that he still sounds amazing at age 71 is a true testament to his legendary singing talent. So, Paul wins!
Paul McCartney: 1
Eric Idle: 2

Overall charm: Eric Idle certainly comes across as a charming person, but Paul is definitely the more charming of the two. In every interview he’s given that I’ve seen, Paul manages to make me go “Awwwww!” at least once. He’s still the cute Beatle, what can I say? He’s a charmer!
Paul McCartney: 2
Eric Idle: 2

Sense of style: To be honest, I don’t really know how to call this one. I don’t think of either as being particularly notably stylish, although Paul always looks well dressed to me. I think I’m calling this a draw.
Paul McCartney: 3
Eric Idle: 3

Looks: Okay, Paul wins by far. I do think that Eric Idle was the most attractive member of Monty Python and is still very handsome, but come on. This is the cute Beatle we’re talking about! Paulie was and still is the most adorable person in the whole wide world!!! And if not for a certain person named George Harrison, I’d say that Paul was the cutest Beatle. Unfortunately, George claims that title, but Paul still beats out Eric in this category.
Paul McCartney: 4
Eric Idle: 3

Personality: I really love both of their personalities, although I feel like I have a better sense of Paul’s personality because I’ve watched way more interviews of him than I have of Eric. But as far as the person who I am interested in and respect more, I think I have to go with Paul on this one. Since there’s no official Paul McCartney documentary or autobiography floating around, the real Paul is still a bit of a mystery to me, and I hope that one day they make a movie about Paul like they did with George!

The Final Tally:
Paul McCartney: 5
Eric Idle: 3

Yay Paulie!!! You won!!!

Yay Paulie!!! You won!!!

Even though I love Eric, I’m kind of glad Paul won. He definitely deserves it!
Have a fab week! Enjoy the last weeks of summer!

My Top 10 Favorite Music Videos

I realize that I haven’t done a list-type post in a while, and so I’ve decided to post my all-time favorite music videos today. Truthfully, I’m not really that into music videos, and I haven’t watched that many at all. In fact, I might be the only person in the last 30 years who has never bothered to watch the music video for “Thriller”. I know, I’m so out of it, but I really only watch videos from artists that I listen to A LOT, and that’s why every video in this list is of a song by the Beatles, George Harrison, Elton John, or Paul McCartney. But anyway, here’s my list of music videos that I love. Enjoy!

10. I Am The Walrus- The Beatles

This is quite possibly the trippiest music video ever made. I mean, the song is basically nonsense lyrics written by John solely to confuse people who were reading too much in to the Beatles’ lyrics, and the video is in the same psychedelic vein as the movie it accompanies, Magical Mystery Tour. Nevertheless, this is one of my favorite Beatles songs, and likewise the video is one of my favorite videos. I love it precisely because it’s so weird and strange. Becoming a Beatles fan has made me accept the weird and absurd things in life much more easily, and this video is definitely weird and absurd. But it’s just so artsy and cool at the same time!

9. Junior’s Farm- Paul McCartney and Wings

I know I’ve posted this before, and it’s really more of a promo than it is a traditional music video, but I love it so much that I had to post it here! Mostly I love it because Paul is such a cutie here, but the song is also awesome. Still, not too much going on here. Just sit back and enjoy the view of Paul McCartney’s adorable face for 4 and a half minutes… 🙂

8. I’m Still Standing- Elton John

This video is a classic! One of the judges from Dancing with the Stars, Bruno Tonioli, actually directed and choreographed it, and he appears in various costumes throughout the video. I love how Elton is basically just strutting around the entire time, being fabulous. The video is definitely a little odd, but since it was the 1980s, I’ll give it a pass. It’s fun and the song is great, and really, that’s all that matters!

7. This Song- George Harrison

George’s quirky sense of humor is definitely showcased in this hilarious, Monty Python-esque video! (which I think was directed by Eric Idle) The song itself is mocking the court case in which George was sued for plagiarism over “My Sweet Lord”, and the video makes a complete mockery of the court system itself. Georgie looks gorgeous in this video with his long, wavy hair, and I love his cute dance moves and expressions that he makes throughout the video. This video is pretty much a party, and it rocks!

6. Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word- Elton John

I’ll admit that along with Junior’s Farm, this is the most superficial choice on this list. Why? Because the only reason why I love this video, other than the beautiful song itself, is the fact that Elton John just looks so darn attractive here! I do love him with the glasses too, of course, but seeing his beautiful eyes is always nice. And that is all I have to say about that. 🙂

5. Say Say Say- Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson

See, even without Thriller, Michael Jackson did make it on this list, but not without a little help from his friend Paul McCartney! I think this video is just hilarious. It’s so goofy and fun, and it’s nice to see Paul and Michael together before Michael bought, excuse me, STOLE the rights to all of the Beatles songs!!! 🙂

4. Free as a Bird- The Beatles

I know this isn’t my #1 favorite music video, but it is hands down in my opinion the most brilliant music video ever made. It actually won the Grammy for Best Short Form Music Video in 1997, and rightfully so. It’s just amazing how so many aspects of the Beatles’ lives and career are so beautifully melded together in this one video. There are a lot of subtle references to various lyrics in various Beatles songs hidden throughout the video, and I think it’s fun to try to find all of them! If you can’t be bothered, just sit back and enjoy a wonderful video and a beautiful song from the best band ever.

3. Don’t Go Breaking My Heart- Elton John and Kiki Dee

After searching for this video on Youtube for weeks, I finally found it! (but not on Youtube)
I actually could not stop squealing with delight as I watched this video, for many reasons. First, I think it’s the cutest, yet most awkward music video I’ve ever seen. Without his piano, Elton looks like he has no idea what to do with his arms, and I love how he just keeps moving them randomly. Apparently this was a spur-of-the-moment video and was filmed in one take, which definitely shows in the occasional missed cues. Still, I just love this! It’s so cute! The “dance break” is hilarious, but my favorite part comes at about 2:30 in the video, where Elton kisses the little flap on the front of Kiki’s overalls and then makes a really funny, “Did I do that?” face! How I wish I could have been in her place… Elton is such a cutie pie. Ahhh, this song is so catchy and this video is wonderful!!!

2. Crackerbox Palace- George Harrison

Another goofy, Python-esque video from the lovely George Harrison! This one is also directed by Eric Idle, which definitely shows because there are many random things in this video, like elves, that wouldn’t really make sense outside of a Python/Harrison environment. This videos always cheers me up and makes me smile. Once again, George’s hairstyle here is one of my favorites of his, and I love how relaxed and happy he looks. Happy George = Happy me!!!

1. Ever Present Past- Paul McCartney

This, folks, is my #1 favorite music video. Why? Well, it’s Paul McCartney, in a suit and Converse, dancing adorably in his old age to a wonderful and catchy song. That really should be enough. But seriously, this video is just awesome. Paulie is still so cute! As proven years before in Magical Mystery Tour, out of the four Beatles, Paul is by far the best dancer. He has a great sense of rhythm and actually looks graceful doing the moves. The brilliance of this video is rather self-explanatory, and Paul is a musical genius. The end. 🙂

Honorable mentions for this include my entire “Hilarious Beatle Promos” post. Check it out if you haven’t already!
Have a great week!

John vs. John: The Ultimate Showdown

John Lennon

John Lennon

John, Elton

John, Elton

Yes, I’ve decided to do another “Ultimate Showdown” post! This one features two of my all-time favorite singers, John Lennon and Elton John. Since this showdown doesn’t involve George Harrison, I think it will be a pretty close matchup, and I can’t wait to compare these two awesome guys in multiple categories! As before, the categories I will be comparing them in are as follows: sense of humor, acting ability, singing ability, overall charm, sense of style, looks, and personality. Here we go!

Sense of humor: I see already that this will be a VERY tight race! On one hand, I think Elton is a really funny guy, and he must have a good sense of humor to have worn all those crazy outfits back in the 70s and 80s! In interviews of him that I’ve seen, he is never afraid to say something in a funny voice or make a joke, and I love that! On the other hand, I consider John Lennon to be the funniest Beatle. His dry, sarcastic, witty sense of humor really resonates with me, and his funny dances and faces that he did onstage and off with the Beatles always crack me up. This is tough, but I’m going to give this round to John. Lennon, that is.
John Lennon: 1
Elton John: 0

Acting ability: Once again, these two are pretty evenly matched in this category. Both of them have had featured roles in movies, Elton as the Pinball Wizard in “Tommy” and John as Private Gripweed in “How I Won The War” and himself in the Beatle movies. I haven’t actually seen How I Won The War, although I plan on watching it eventually, but I have seen Tommy, and I have to say that Elton was fantastic in his one scene in the movie. But, since I don’t think I have enough to judge them both fairly on in this category, I’m calling it a draw.
John Lennon: 2
Elton John: 1

Singing ability: John and Elton’s singing voices and styles are very different, which makes this a tough call. I really love John’s awesome rocking vocals from the early Beatle days on songs like “Rock and Roll Music”, as well as his softer vocals on songs like “Julia”. He certainly had a very versatile voice and his singing was extremely honest and heartfelt. However, on vocal ability alone, I think Elton edges him out. Although he still sounds great, before he had the vocal surgery in the 80s, Elton had the voice of an angel. I love watching videos of him from the 70s when he was hitting all of the high notes with ease and clarity, and I think he’ll go down as one of the greatest singers of all time. For that reason, he wins this category.
John Lennon: 2
Elton John: 2

Overall charm: I love John Lennon, but when I think of him, “charming” isn’t the first word that comes to mind. He was funny, witty, insightful, passionate, goofy, and definitely sexy. But charming? I’m not sure. So, Elton wins this category by default, although I do think that as a 23 year old on the verge of superstardom back in 1970-1971, he was quite the charmer.
John Lennon: 2
Elton John: 3

Sense of style: This is the least close out of all the categories. Why? Because nobody challenges Elton John’s outrageously fabulous sense of style. Nobody.
John Lennon: 2
Elton John: 4

Looks: I have a pretty good idea of this one as well. While I don’t think that John Lennon was the most attractive Beatle, I do think that with a moptop back in the mid-60s, he was really cute, especially in 1966. But, he loses the appeal for me somewhat with the long haired, bearded, glasses-clad look he sported throughout the 70s. However, while his looks have definitely faded a bit over time, I think that Elton in his prime was better looking. Still, it could really go either way.
John Lennon: 2
Elton John: 5
By the way, if you have any doubts about Elton John’s attractiveness, watch this video. He is gorgeous in this!

Personality: While I love both John and Elton’s personalities, I think that John wins this one. He is one of those people that everyone is fascinated by, and he was such a complicated and at times misunderstood man. He is one of those people that I want to learn as much as I can about because he’s so cool and interesting. I’m not saying that Elton isn’t an interesting guy, but I’m just slightly more curious about John as a person than him, and that’s why John wins this category.

The Final Tally:
John Lennon: 3
Elton John: 5

Yay Elton! You truly are Captain Fantastic to me!

Yay Elton! You truly are Captain Fantastic to me!

There you have it. This was a pretty even matchup, but Elton beat out John in the end. I may give John another chance in a future matchup with Ringo, but for now, Elton is the winner!
I hope you enjoyed this post! Have a wonderful week!