Beatles, “Blackbird,” and Break-Up Rumors

Today I’d mostly like to discuss Dave Grohl’s recent performance of the Beatles’ famed “Blackbird” at the Oscars. I knew about a few of the scheduled Oscar performances before the date of the program, but for some reason I hadn’t heard about this one and it took me completely by surprise. When I heard those iconic opening chords and saw Dave Grohl alone on the stage with a guitar, I knew it would be a good tribute, and I was not disappointed. From spearheading production of the Sound City documentary from a few years ago, to recording “Cut Me Some Slack” with Paul McCartney, to performing on the Beatles 50th Anniversary Special, Dave Grohl has certainly earned my respect and admiration for his Beatles and classic rock-related ventures. He is one cool dude. In case you missed his feature on the Oscars, here it is for you!

One brief un-Beatles related tangent… This performance, along with some ambiguous comments by members of Foo Fighters, recently led to a rumor that Foo Fighters were breaking up, once and for all. Apparently these rumors have surfaced before, but supposedly this time Dave was striking out on his own to “do his own thing musically” and get away from the band.

So how did Foo Fighters respond to this rumor? Not with a concisely-stated tweet or Facebook post, but with this masterful 7 minute-long video. You really have to watch it yourself to get its full effect.

In conclusion, anything Beatles-related that Dave Grohl does is bound to be wonderful, and the members of Foo Fighters are complete bosses. Also in case you’re just not patient enough to watch the entire video and have not heard the news, Foo Fighters is NOT breaking up. Spoiler alert.

Anyway, going back to the original topic, I just love how Beatles music is now used to pay tribute to people that have nothing to do with the 60s or rock music in general. Their songs have become universal anthems for just about any subject or person because they were written with a timeless, relatable appeal. Not just Blackbird, but songs like Hey Jude, Yesterday, Let It Be, In My Life, and many others have been covered so often by other artists that I bet there are some people today who don’t know that those songs are originally by the Beatles. In those cases, I’d rather that they know the song’s origins, but as long as Beatles songs are still relevant in some form in this generation, their music is living on and speaking to people. That’s about all I can ask.

You didn't seriously think I'd forget his birthday, now did you?

You didn’t seriously think I’d forget his birthday, now did you?

Finally, happy belated birthday to George Harrison, who after all this time is still definitely my favorite Beatle and one of my musical and personal inspirations. I’ve devoted many a post to him on this blog, but for now I’ll just say that his music is thoughtful, creative, and truly beautiful, just like him. I wish his solo songs were more well known by the general population, but with recent releases like the “George Fest” DVD and the masterful Scorcese documentary from a few years ago, he seems to be gaining more acclaim, slowly but surely. Let’s continue that upwards trend, to 2020 and beyond!

As is the nature of the Beatles in the 21st century, something new Beatles-related is bound to come up soon, but for now I’m signing off. Enjoy your days, and may they all be Good Days (of) Sunshine. 🙂


And I Love Polls

So here’s another poll I came up with. I think this is a pretty interesting one, because I was curious to see what is the one Beatles song that most people can’t live without. I tried to pick a list of Beatles songs that basically everyone, even non-Beatles fans, would know.
If you would choose another song that’s not on this list, feel free to comment about it!
For me personally, out of this list of songs, I’d have a hard time choosing between Hey Jude and Here Comes The Sun. It’s pretty much a toss up between those two, although While My Guitar Gently Weeps is my #1 favorite Beatles song.
Enjoy the week!

The Liverpool Shuffle

The band members from left to right: Joe Refano, Pete Bross, Mike Green, Mike Ponella

The band members from left to right: Joe Refano, Pete Bross, Mike Green, Mike Ponella

Despite what the title of this post implies, this post is NOT about a new dance craze called the Liverpool Shuffle! No, it instead refers to a Beatle tribute band my friend and I saw the other night. I only found out about the concert via the newspaper a couple of days before, and I had never heard of these guys so I was a little skeptical. But they totally proved me wrong and far exceeded my expectations! They were fantastic!

By now, after having seen a number of Beatle tribute bands in the past year, not to mention seeing a Beatle himself, I’ve learned that the band doesn’t necessarily have to look or talk like the Beatles to be a success in my mind. Of course, that’s always preferred, but as long as they sing well, remain faithful to the music, and are entertaining, I can have a good time. Because let’s face it, the Beatles’ music speaks for itself. Anyway, despite knowing absolutely nothing about this band other than the fact that they were coming to my town last Friday, I decided to give them a try. Since they’re not exactly world-renowned, I expected them to be good, but not blow my socks off. However, the show they gave lasted 2 hours and was probably the most fun thing I’ve done since seeing Paul McCartney! All of the band members did a great job, but one guy in particular, playing bass and singing most of the Paul songs, was just amazing. His name is Mike Green and he has an outstanding voice, and was by far the most entertaining member of the group. I definitely think that this band will become one of the more well-known Beatle tribute bands in the near future. Spread the word!

Here are a couple of videos of them performing at various places, but these don’t really do the band justice. They sounded absolutely fantastic live!

The crowd at the show definitely skewed older, as I expected, but everyone was dancing the whole time and it was just a really fun event. There is honestly nothing I’d rather be doing on a Friday night than dancing to Beatles music, and this fulfilled that desire perfectly! I’m so glad I gave them a try, and if they ever come to a venue near you, make sure you stop by and see them! You will not be disappointed!