2013: I’m looking through you, where did you go???

Oh my gosh, this is so adorable! I love them so much!!!

Oh my gosh, this is so adorable! I love them so much!!!

Wow. I can’t believe I’ve actually been running this blog for a whole year now. This year absolutely flew by, and I can’t believe I have been fortunate enough to see both Paul McCartney and Elton John live in the last 6 months. I definitely did not see that coming last January! I hope that this blog has brought some people entertainment and smiles, because that’s what the Beatles bring to me! 🙂

What I think is so wonderful about having a blog related to something you love is that it gives you the opportunity to express that love to the world however you want, whenever you want. It’s a wonderful thing to have this pastime, and I truly have enjoyed every second I’ve spent blogging. If anyone is hesitating about starting a blog, I would highly recommend that they go ahead and do it. I’ve found that blogging is very therapeutic and relaxing for me, and I’m sure the same goes for others as well. As I said when I started this, I wasn’t sure whether I’d have enough to write about the Beatles to carry a whole blog, but clearly that hasn’t been a problem because I’m still going. And my obsession with Elton John has helped that out a bit as well… Thanks Elton for providing additional blogging material. Not that you’re actually reading this. 🙂

If this is at all possible, I love the Beatles an infinite amount of times more now than I did even a year ago, and I was a pretty big fan back then already. While writing about them, I’ve found that my love for them is so much deeper than just enjoying their music and fawning over their good looks from 50 years ago. There’s something deeper with the Beatles and their music that makes them so timeless, and I think it’s that they showed a genuine understanding of what music is all about: putting abstract thoughts and feelings into songs that people will listen to again and again.

Perhaps this is why after the umpteenth time listening to Revolver or Rubber Soul, I always find something new to think about, because I interpret each song differently every time. There’s so much depth to the Beatles in the character and personality of each band member that gets translated into their music, and I greatly admire their work ethic and drive to push themselves musically. They are a perfect example of how people should always look to improve themselves and their work, no matter how great they think they are.

I also think that there is a certain pure beauty in the Beatles’ music that I find applies to most of the artists I like. Not everything is perfectly executed in every song, but there is always an intent behind each one to create something beautiful and an understanding of how to do so, and I respect that their music is not just slickly produced noise, it’s genuine, honest art.

I feel like I’ve rambled a lot, so now I’d like to share a cover the Beatles did on Live at the BBC that I’m currently listening to while I type this. It’s so beautiful, and they didn’t even write it, but they perform it so amazingly that I just have to share it here. I just love how John, Paul, and George’s voices sound together on this one, with John singing so tenderly on lead vocal and George and Paul providing some gorgeous backing harmonies. There’s so much heart and soul put into this that always makes me emotional, and if you listen to it, I think you’ll understand why.

I’ve tried to vary the content and format of my blog posts by switching things up and not always starting each post with a pretty picture of George Harrison, though I always want to, but if you have any suggestions on something I could do better, I’d appreciate any feedback. I think I might start doing a “Beatles Song of the Week” or something like that, but other than that I don’t have too many ideas. I will definitely continue blogging as regularly as I can this year, and I greatly appreciate each and every one of the over 7,000 views I’ve received. Is that a lot? Not really. But does that discourage me from trying to reach more people? NO! 🙂

I’ve very excited for this upcoming month, because there will be a couple of televised tributes to the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ arrival in America about which I will surely be blogging. I hope that everyone who reads this blog has grown to love the Beatles, or just life in general, a little more because of it.
Have a great first full week in 2014!


Why I started this blog



First off, don’t get this confused with my post about how I got interested in the Beatles, although the reasons for both overlap quite a bit. Instead, this post is about what exactly possessed me to start a Beatle blog, about 11 months after I first became obsessed with them. I have some time today to post, and this is my big idea for the day.
I first got the idea to start a Beatle blog way back in November, on the 11th anniversary of George’s death. I was feeling sad and wished I could somehow express to the world how I felt about George and his passing. Sure, most of my friends love the Beatles, so I could talk to them, but it was a busy school day, so I only had so much time for long, heartfelt, George-related conversations. I then came up with the idea of starting a blog to express my MANY thoughts and opinions about not just George, but the Beatles in general. I emailed some of my friends and asked if they thought it was a good idea and if they would read my blog if I started one. They were all in favor, but I still wasn’t sure if I actually wanted to go ahead and start a blog of my own. I’m not really that new to the blogging world (my friend and I have a baking blog called dessertduo.wordpress.com- check it out!!!) but I didn’t know if I’d have enough to say about the Beatles to actually carry a blog. Also, I was seriously doubting that I had any time in my schedule to blog about the Beatles, because as much as I love them, school does unfortunately come first. And that’s why I’m procrastinating on my paper for Euro by posting this… 🙂

Finally, Christmas break rolled around, and during break, I went to see the Beatle tribute band The Fab Four in concert. It was the best night of my life, and words can’t express how much MORE I loved the Beatles after seeing that concert. I thought I couldn’t love them any more than I already did, but I was wrong. And after having forgotten about the blog idea for a while, I revisited it in my head, and decided to go ahead with it. I promised my mom that I wouldn’t let this blog distract me from my school work, and so far, I think I’ve achieved a nice balance of Beatles and school in my life.

This blog started out as just a Beatle blog, but since then, I’ve realized that I do actually like other things in life besides the Beatles, such as Monty Python, the Mets, and The Big Bang Theory. I’m sorry if I’ve disappointed anyone by not posting ONLY about the Beatles, but they are definitely the one thing that my life revolves almost entirely around, and I have a lot to say about them. This blog is where I vent about various things, like how awful most music is today and how much I want to see Paul in concert, and also where I get to express how much I truly love the Beatles with the rest of the “world”. (I’m being relatively modest and assuming that the large majority of the world does not read this blog…) It’s also a way for me to relax, listen to the Beatles, look at pictures of the Beatles, write about the Beatles, and pretend like I’m blogging. Ta da!

So, about 3 and a half months into this whole blog thing, I think it’s going pretty well. And I can’t wait to continue blogging about my four favorite lads for as long as I have something to say about them, which I hope will be forever.
To close this post, here are various catchphrases from my favorite things in life: Lets Go Mets! Bazinga! Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!
And finally… THE BEATLES RULE!!! 🙂