Here Comes the Son

It’s taken a while for me to come down off of the cloud that was “a record 497 views in one day” last week. I was celebrating. 🙂 That Kinks post I did got a lot of traffic!
Anyway, today I’d like to wish Dhani Harrison a happy birthday! As I’ve said before, his band, thenewno2, is great and I hope they come out with some new music soon! They rock! Also, I’m happy that through Dhani, George’s fantastic facial features were passed on to another generation for us 21st century Beatle fans to admire. 🙂

In honor of Dhani’s birthday, I thought I’d post some pictures of George with Dhani. These two truly embody the saying, “Like father, like son.” Enjoy!

Aww... Baby Dhani!

Aww… Baby Dhani!

They're probably on their way somewhere cool.

They’re probably on their way somewhere cool.

Dhani is clearly channeling George's fab fashion sense here

Dhani is clearly channeling George’s fab fashion sense here

Dhani is rocking the Beatle hair!

Dhani is rocking the Beatle hair!

I think I've posted this before, but the similarity always makes me laugh. :)

I think I’ve posted this before, but the similarity always makes me laugh. 🙂

That’s all for today. It’s August now! Where has the summer gone??? I better enjoy having ample blogging time while I still have it! Have a great weekend!


Dhani Harrison… Coming to a Gap ad near you!

So this will be a pretty quick post, but I just had to post the Gap ad starring Dhani Harrison that’s been all over TV recently, in which he sings one of George’s Beatles songs, “For You Blue”. I get very excited whenever I see it on TV! Here it is!

Oh Dhani… How I wish you and your awesome band thenewno2 would come to a venue near me!!! You are an amazing talent!!!
I know George warned that Beatles songs would one day be used to advertise everything unless someone put a stop to it, but I feel like this ad is so touching that it deserves to be shown. That, and it stars the son of an actual Beatle, who is a fantastic musician in his own right. So this gets a pass!
That is all. Have a great week!!!

Life after a Paul McCartney concert: Other artists I’d love to see live

The Beatles at Shea Stadium... Oh, how I wish I could have been there!

The Beatles at Shea Stadium… Oh, how I wish I could have been there!

So before I get to the actual content of this post, I’d like to wish Dhani Harrison a happy belated birthday! His actual birthday was August 1st, but since I didn’t get around to blogging then, I figured “better late than never”! Thinking about Dhani made me think about how awesome it would be to see thenewno2 live, just so I could see George’s son in the flesh! That gorgeous Harrison face must look great close up… 🙂
But anyway, I’ve now decided to make a list of all the artists I’d absolutely love to see in concert someday. I highly doubt that seeing any of them would be quite as amazing and magical as seeing Paul McCartney, but since Paul seems to have set the standard for putting on a fantastic rock show, that’s to be expected. Nonetheless, here we go!

1. thenewno2
I figured I’d start with them, since I already mentioned Dhani in this post. I really love this band and though they definitely fly under the radar in today’s music industry, they are extremely innovative and creative. They also have George’s son in the band, which definitely helps their overall sound, but even if Dhani wasn’t George’s son, I think that he’d still be making a name for himself in the music business. Still, he seems to have inherited quite a bit of talent from his dad, and if George was still around, I’m sure he’d be very proud of what Dhani has done.

2. Foster The People
I’ve been following this band for a while, but they haven’t come out with any new music in over 2 years! What happened??? Although apparently they’ve finished their 2nd album, and as much as I love Torches, hearing some new songs would be nice. From the videos I’ve watched, they seem like a great live band who truly enjoys what they’re doing, and hopefully they’ll come to the New York area in the future!

3. Elton John
This one’s a no-brainer for me. Elton has always been known as a great live performer and a fantastic entertainer, not to mention an extremely talented singer, pianist, and songwriter, and I’d absolutely love the chance to see him do what he does best live! I think seeing him in concert would probably be a similar atmosphere and comparable to seeing Paul live, but the difference for me is that seeing Paul, while he is awesome and amazing, is not exactly the same thing as seeing the Beatles. On the contrary, while there were four Beatles, there is only one Elton John, and seeing him today is essentially the same experience as seeing him 40 years ago. That to me is a really cool thing. Hopefully an Elton concert is in my future!

4. Ringo Starr and the All Starr Band
I mean, come on. It’s Ringo! Of course I want to see him in concert! I’m still mad that I missed him coming to Jones Beach last year, but I’m crossing my fingers that he’ll come back next year!

5. Jeff Lynne/ELO
I don’t know when the last time he toured was, but with all of the ELO reissues that have come out this year, maybe he’ll do some commemorative concerts??? This one seems like a long shot to ever happen, but since I love ELO, I’ll remain hopeful.

6. Eric Clapton
How cool would it be to see the Guitar God live and in person?!?!? I think my jaw would be open the entire time, just in awe of his awesomeness. He did come to Madison Square Garden in April as part of his Crossroads Guitar Festival, but I think it sold out in about 5 seconds. Maybe next time…

7. The Rolling Stones
They have long been hailed as the greatest live rock band, and since my mom has actually seen them live before, I’ve always thought it would be really cool to see them in concert. Sadly, their 50th Anniversary tour didn’t make a stop in NY this year, although they did come to the Barclays Center last December. How Mick Jagger, at 70, is still running around the stage with boundless energy for an entire show is beyond me. Once again, I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

Still, even if I never see another concert, I think I’ll be happy for the rest of my life knowing that I’ve seen Paul McCartney, who I consider to be the greatest living musical artist, live. Seeing him is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I surely won’t ever forget, no matter how many more concerts I attend!

The Obligatory “George’s Amazing Cheekbones” Post

I realize that it’s actually been a while since I posted about George. Sorry Georgie, it won’t happen again! Anyway, I’ve been meaning to do this post for quite some time, because I’ve always felt that George’s cheekbones deserve special recognition. They’re quite possibly his best facial feature. I forget what exactly I first noticed about George Harrison that I thought was special, but his perfect bone structure might have been it. I have yet to find any flaws whatsoever with his looks. And yes, this post may not be obligatory for everyone, but it is for me!
Anyway, here are some pictures I’ve found that show off George’s cheekbones especially well. Enjoy!

 I don't know what he's looking at, but I'm looking at those lovely cheekbones!

I don’t know what he’s looking at, but I’m looking at those lovely cheekbones!

George in A Hard Day's Night, checking out the receptionist behind the desk. Believe me, I know exactly what scene this picture is from. :)

George in A Hard Day’s Night, checking out the receptionist behind the desk. Believe me, I know exactly what scene this picture is from. 🙂

Seriously, he's perfect.

Seriously, he’s perfect.

George concentrating VERY hard on his guitar!

George concentrating VERY hard on his guitar!

Another cute picture of George, who now has a camera

Another cute picture of George, who now has a camera

George, with amazing cheekbones and working the starfish fingers

George, with amazing cheekbones and working the starfish fingers

Yup, this is Dhani, not George. I threw this one in for fun, but it's clear that Dhani inherited George's amazing cheekbones!

Yup, this is Dhani, not George. I threw this one in for fun, but it’s clear that Dhani inherited George’s amazing cheekbones!

I’m not sure why most of the pictures are so small, and I apologize, but I hope that the quality is still okay.
That’s all for now. I’m sure I’ll do a part 2 to this sometime in the future, because there are MANY more pictures that feature George’s amazing cheekbones that I didn’t post here. In the meantime, have a fab week and stay tuned for a “Macca Report” over the weekend! (spoiler alert, he’s coming to the east coast this summer!!!)

Thank You Dhani Harrison!

It's official... All members of the Harrison family rock!

It’s official… All members of the Harrison family rock!

Can you tell which is Dhani and which is George? Answer at the end of this post…
I always knew that Dhani Harrison, George’s son, was awesome. After all, he looks like George, sounds like George, and plays in a fantastic band, thenewno2. He also co-produced George’s last, posthumously released album, Brainwashed, and was one of the driving forces behind Beatles Rock Band. However, I did not know that he was the one who came up with the idea of Rock Band in general! I found that out after watching this video:

So anyone who has ever enjoyed playing Rock Band, you have Dhani to thank!
Also, watching him sing just 10 seconds of While My Guitar Gently Weeps is quite a beautiful thing. And I really enjoy the music from his band, thenewno2. It’s not really Georgesque, although Dhani does sound a lot like George, but the music is great and stands up on its own. It’s different than the music I hear on the radio most of the time. This is one of my favorite songs by them:

Also, this more recent song is great. I think they performed it on Conan last summer.

In short, thank you Dhani for being awesome!

(by the way, George is on the left and Dhani is on the right in the picture posted above)