Happy (belated) Birthday George Harrison!!!

I just found this picture, and it's so adorable!!!

I just found this picture, and it’s so adorable!!!

I know I haven’t blogged in quite a while. Don’t worry, I did not fall off the face of the earth; I was in a show last week that took up most of my time, and so unfortunately I have not had time to do a George birthday post until now. But that’s all about to change!

My love for George has grown exponentially in the last year, but I do feel like he serves a different purpose in my life now than he did a year ago. As I’ve ended sophomore year and dived headfirst into junior year, I’ve realized that there are a lot of important life decisions that have to happen this year, and of course, the nature of high school in the 21st century is that it is supposed to be stressful, competitive, challenging, and hard to get through without some guidance. I don’t have as much time to just be obsessed with the Beatles and George Harrison as I did freshman year, but that does not mean that I love them any less. In fact, during the often stressful and occasionally frustrating days, I find that I need George’s music more now than ever. His lyrics are words of wisdom to me, and I have yet to find a song of his that is not inspiring in some way.

George is more of an imaginary life coach than an imaginary husband at this point in my life, but that’s okay with me. As George frequently said, the point of life is to change, and it would be boring if everything and everyone stayed exactly the same all the time. On his birthday this year, as I proudly wore my George shirt to school and had a 5-hour dress rehearsal, I kept thinking about how much I enjoyed what I was doing and how much George loved everything he did in life. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from George, it’s that if you truly feel love and passion for something, you should stick with it.

Here are some songs that I may or may not have previously posted on this blog, but I feel that they embody George’s spirit and attitude about life. They’re not necessarily my favorite songs of his, although I love them all, but they are the ones that remind me of him the most.

I Need You

I Live For You

Stuck Inside A Cloud

Pisces Fish

Here Comes The Sun

So, on this (approximately) 71st anniversary of George’s birth, I am reminded yet again why he is and will always be my favorite Beatle. He was thoughtful, loving, insightful, patient, and a beautiful human being inside and out. I love him with all of my heart! Happy birthday Georgie!!! 🙂

I promise it will not be another 2 weeks before I blog again. Be on the lookout for a post of my favorite covers of Beatles songs in the near future! Have a great week!


George and Pattie, the perfect 60s couple

So, although this post is a day late, today I’m commemorating the 48th anniversary of George Harrison and Pattie Boyd getting married. While it’s really a shame that it didn’t work out between them (and based on her book, he got over her a lot faster than she got over him), they certainly were a attractive couple. I honestly think that George and Pattie are two of the most beautiful people who have ever walked the earth, so it makes sense that they fell in love! Here are some equally beautiful pictures of them to celebrate their marriage!

George and Pattie on their wedding day in 1966

George and Pattie on their wedding day in 1966

On their honeymoon. I really don't blame her for being all over him.

On their honeymoon. I really don’t blame her for being all over him.

What a stunning picture. I love how he's leaning on her head a bit.

What a stunning picture. I love how he’s leaning on her head a bit.

They're so snazzy and stylish!!!

They’re so snazzy and stylish!!!

I just love this picture, for rather obvious reasons... :)

I just love this picture, for rather obvious reasons… 🙂

Matching belts!!! And George looks really hot.

Matching belts!!! And George looks really hot.

One final picture. And isn't it a beauty!

One final picture. And isn’t it a beauty!

While I do think that in the long run, Olivia was probably a better match for George, I’m still a George/Pattie fan. It’s nice that they stayed friends even after they got a divorce, and the fact that George told her she could always come back to him if things didn’t work out with Eric is really sweet. I know this is probably for the five hundredth time, but I just love George so much. 🙂
Have a wonderful rest of the week!

It was 12 years ago today…

Sadly folks, today is the 12th anniversary of George’s death. I was only 4 years old when he passed, and I don’t remember hearing anything about the death of a Beatle. My parents have said that they don’t recall a huge amount of media coverage over his death either, although I suppose that the internet was not quite as ubiquitous in 2001 as it is today. This day is a weird one because while it is just a normal day for most people, for me it involves remembering the passing of someone whom I never actually met, but whom I admire and respect more than almost anyone else.

I won’t do a REALLY long post about this, because I think I’ve said almost everything I can say about George already on this blog, but here’s one thing about today that I know for sure: if George were here, he would not want me, or anyone else, to be sad and mourn his passing. George would probably think that that any fuss made over his death is rather silly and ridiculous, because everyone has to die at some point. And I wouldn’t blame him, but I still can’t help feeling a little sad that someone so beautiful in so many ways was taken from this world after only 58 years. Why does cancer have to kill so many people???

Here’s a really fascinating interview with George that I just found. It’s a great insight into the level of humanity and honesty in his character.

From everything that I’ve ever heard or read about George, he was someone who was universally liked and respected, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone who knew him say anything negative about him. I know he wasn’t a perfect person, but who is? I love him anyway. From his extremely handsome face, to his ever-present Liverpudlian accent, to his (I think) underrated songwriting skills, to his incredible guitar playing, to his quiet philanthropy and never-ending kindness… He was truly a beautiful soul. I’ll probably end up watching the Living In The Material World movie at least once this weekend, and I can guarantee that I will be crying by the end, just like every other time I’ve watched it. Everything about George just makes me so emotional.

This tribute video to George is the best one I have yet to come across on Youtube, and I think it captures his beauty and personality perfectly.

So although it’s late in the day, if you’re reading this now, take a moment and think about what George Harrison means to you. Remember that while all things must pass, if we keep his music alive, George Harrison will never be forgotten.
RIP my sweet George. Although our paths never crossed, I love you from the bottom of my heart. 🙂

Gorgeous George. You are my sunshine.

Gorgeous George. You are my sunshine.

Happiness is a Picture of the Beatles

Because I couldn’t think of what to post today, here’s some random, adorable, and attractive Beatle pictures for you. You can never go wrong with that! Enjoy!

Paul and Ringo = Love

Paul and Ringo = Love

My current cover photo on Facebook. My adorable Shakespearian lads!

My current cover photo on Facebook. My adorable Shakespearian lads!

My two favorite Beatles!!!

My two favorite Beatles!!!

George and Pattie. Quite possibly the most attractive couple ever.

George and Pattie. Quite possibly the most attractive couple ever.

Oh George... No one can take your dancing spirit away from you.

Oh George… No one can take your dancing spirit away from you.

This is so hot I can't even take it. George's perfect face is just ridiculously unfair to the rest of us humble folk.

This is so hot I can’t even take it. George’s perfect face is just ridiculously unfair to the rest of us humble folk.

George being a mortal and washing his hands. I just find this really cute.

George being a mortal and washing his hands. I just find this really cute.

Paul: "Get out." :)

Paul: “Get out.” 🙂

That’s all for today. I will try to review Elton John’s The Diving Board next weekend! (spoiler alert: it’s wonderful!!!)
Have a great rest of the week!

A Beautiful Tribute to a Beautiful Man

I'm almost positive this lovely picture was being projected onto the screen...

I’m almost positive this lovely picture was being projected onto the screen…

As I posted yesterday, I attended a Fab Faux concert with my dad last night at the Beacon Theatre in NYC that paid tribute to George Harrison. And here I am now, 24 hours later, to write about it!

I had very high hopes for this concert, and despite the fact that my dad and I were in the very last row of the theatre and couldn’t see a supposedly beautiful picture of George that was projected on the back of the stage, a splendid time was had by all. From the very first note of Wah Wah to the very last note of Roll Over Beethoven, I had a rollicking good time singing along to every song, cheering for George, and occasionally tearing up at the beauty of it all. Throughout the concert, I couldn’t help but think how wonderful it was to be in a room with thousands of people who loved George as much as I did. If there’s one thing I love more than talking about how much I love George, it’s hearing other people talk about how much they love George, and all of the personal stories about George told by the band members made me very happy and emotional. While George himself was not there, his spirit definitely was watching over the whole thing.

Once again, I was absolutely floored by the musical perfection that was the Fab Faux. They are truly a fantastic band and I can’t think of any way to improve upon the tribute to George that they did. Every song was perfectly and beautifully done, and in addition to playing the hits and crowd favorites like My Sweet Lord, Give Me Love, Here Comes The Sun, Something, and the like, they also threw in some wild card songs that hardcore fans like myself were thrilled to hear, like Run Of The Mill, Any Road, and Living In The Material World. I was also ecstatic to hear them play George’s very first song, Don’t Bother Me from “With The Beatles”! My favorite George solo song, What Is Life, was also played, much to my delight. It’s hard to choose a favorite moment, but I think it’s a tie between Here Comes The Sun, which almost made me cry because it sounded so beautiful, and While My Guitar Gently Weeps, which absolutely brought the house down and got a standing ovation.

Here’s a couple of videos from the concert that I found on Youtube. I didn’t actually film these, but they give a good sense of the incredible musicianship that was on display last night.

This concert was the first time that I’d heard most of George’s songs played live, and it only further reminded me just how many amazing songs George wrote in his career. I never actually forgot how great his songs are, of course, but this concert proved that they sound awesome in a live setting as well!
Listening to the positively George-like guitar solos on songs like Beware of Darkness and My Sweet Lord and the mind-blowing sitar playing on Within You Without You (if there was one thing I wasn’t expecting, it was a guy playing sitar, but they even had that!) served as a reminder that George’s songs aren’t just songs; they’re beautiful, heartfelt, honest works of art.

I didn’t think it was possible for me to love George any more than I already do, but at the end of this concert, I was in love with him a million times more than I was at the beginning. At a few choice moments during the show, I just closed my eyes for a second and imagined that George was in the room, and it really felt like he was there. To me, George Harrison is simply the most beautiful human being who has ever lived, and this amazing concert in his honor was one that I will never forget.

I do hope that if you are a Beatles fan and the Fab Faux come to a theater near you that you have the opportunity to see them, because as far as Beatle tribute bands go, they are the absolute best. I hope that the Fab Faux do this type of George tribute show again, because it was fabulous!!!
Have a great week! Happy early Halloween!