Random Songs I’ve Been Obsessed With Recently- Part 2

So today I thought I’d compile a list of songs that I’ve been enjoying a lot recently. I’d recommend them all to any music lover! Here we go!

Come With Me Now- KONGOS

I heard this song on the radio in Montauk a couple of weeks ago, and I was hooked immediately. A few days later, I downloaded it, and I’ve been listening to it on repeat ever since. I honestly don’t think I’ve heard a song as awesome as this on mainstream pop radio in years. Probably not since “Pumped Up Kicks,” which was what? 4 years ago? Anyway, it’s refreshing to hear an actual guitar solo on the radio. I sort of thought those had gone to the grave, along with cassette tapes, B-sides, and other things generally existent before I was born.
Anyway, I can’t wait to hear more from this band, who I believe is currently opening for Kings of Leon. I hope this song becomes a huge hit and gets lots of accolades. It’s just that good.

Dirty Work- Steely Dan

As if I didn’t love Jim Parsons enough, I saw on a blog I’m subscribed to that he posted a clip of this song on Instagram recently. It didn’t list the title, so I spent a while furiously trying to identify it, and when I finally did, I listened to it nonstop for probably two hours. I don’t normally listen to Steely Dan, but I absolutely love this song. The vocals and harmonies are beautiful, and there’s an awesome sax solo! Thank you Jim Parsons for indirectly introducing me to one of my new favorite old songs!

Do it Again- The Kinks

I’m currently listening to this on repeat, so I thought it would be appropriate to post here. 🙂
The Kinks have a lot of songs I listen to on repeat, and this is just one of them. I love the lyrics here, which depict monotony and dullness, but the song is anything but boring. It’s one of those songs I can just listen to over and over on any given afternoon and never tire of. With each day that goes by, I more and more can’t believe how underrated the Kinks are by the general population.

Don’t Stop Me Now- Queen

This is one of the few popular Queen songs that surprisingly gets no radio airplay on my local classic rock station. That’s a shame, because it really is an awesome song. The piano is very Elton John-esque, which is just one of the things I love about it, and as always, Freddie Mercury proves his generally accepted status as “greatest rock vocalist of all time” with this song.

Anyway, that’s all for today. If you were unaware of any of these songs before reading this post, I highly suggest you check them out.
More Beatles coming your way soon! In the meantime, have a great week!


Famous Signature Faces

As I’ve scoured the internet in search of pictures of my favorite famous people, I’ve realized that they often have what I call a “signature face”. Basically, a facial expression that makes this person instantly recognizable. They differ for many people, but here I’ve compiled some of my favorite self-determined signature faces, and you can decide for yourself whether you think this is this person’s “signature face” or not. I hope you enjoy!

George Harrison

I consider this sexy stare to be George's signature face, but he has a lovely smile as well!

I consider this sexy stare to be George’s signature face, but he has a lovely smile as well!

Paul McCartney

Paul always has a huge smile on his face, which is why this is his signature face!

Paul always has a huge smile on his face, which is why this is his signature face!

John Lennon

This is John's weird spazz face that he does at random moments. Definitely his signature face.

This is John’s weird spazz face that he does at random moments. Definitely his signature face.

Ringo Starr

Like Paul, I define Ringo with a grin!

Like Paul, I define Ringo with a grin!

Jim Parsons/Sheldon Cooper

This cute, slightly mischievous smile is definitely Jim's signature face!

This cute, slightly mischievous smile is definitely Jim’s signature face!

This Sheldon Cooper face, on the other hand, is one that I will NEVER unsee! It has been permanently ingrained into my mind.

This Sheldon Cooper face, on the other hand, is one that I will NEVER unsee! It has been permanently ingrained into my mind.

Elton John

In almost every picture of Elton performing that I've seen, he has this expression on his face. It seems to be his trademark.

In almost every picture of Elton performing that I’ve seen, he has this expression on his face. It seems to be his trademark.

Eric Idle

I'm not sure if Eric really has a signature face, but he's good at making funny faces, so I thought this picture was rather appropriate.

I’m not sure if Eric really has a signature face, but he’s good at making funny faces, so I thought this picture was rather appropriate.

R.A. Dickey

Mets fans know this face well. Too bad he's a Toronto Blue Jay now, but maybe he'll come back to the Mets one day!

Mets fans know this face well. Too bad he’s a Toronto Blue Jay now, but maybe he’ll come back to the Mets one day!

That’s about all I’ve got for now. Have a fab weekend!

Cute clips of Jim Parsons

Jim... No matter what anyone tells you... You ARE Superman!!!

Jim… No matter what anyone tells you… You ARE Superman!!!

This title is kind of redundant, because every clip I’ve ever seen of Jim is cute!
As soon as I started watching The Big Bang Theory regularly about a month ago, I knew that I liked Jim Parsons. He is not only an extremely talented actor who lights up every scene he’s in, playing Sheldon Cooper better than anyone else could, but he seems like a genuinely sweet, funny, down-to-earth person. He has an incredibly adorable smile, the cutest big blue eyes I’ve ever seen, a Texan twang, and somehow is both exactly like Sheldon and nothing like Sheldon in real life. I guarantee that you will fall in love with him after watching these videos if you haven’t already! I mean, what’s not to like?

I hadn’t watched a clip from Sesame Street in years before watching this! It’s funny to see Jim pretending to be dumb here, when on The Big Bang Theory he’s such a genius. I guess that’s why they call it acting!

My God, how much more adorable could this man be??? His laugh makes me laugh. 🙂 And I love when he says, “There’s no more words! It’s over!” at the end.
Also, every time I watch this clip, I wonder why he’s wearing the cape on only one shoulder. Maybe he’s trying to make a fashion statement.

What I really love about this video is Kaley Cuoco’s reaction to Jim winning. She’s so happy for him, and seems more excited about it than he does! Either way, he certainly deserved the award. I hope he wins Best Comedic Actor for a 3rd time at the Emmys this year!

I’m only a little embarrassed to admit that I’ve tried doing all of the exercises demonstrated in this video, with varying degrees of success. I love how Jim pretends to be having trouble doing the exercises, but anyone with two eyes can see that he did those push ups perfectly! And that Spiderman Squat… Wow.

I loved Jim 10 times more after watching this and finding out that he plays piano! And his funny faces starting at 0:43 are absolutely adorable!

That’s probably enough for now. But I promise to do a post about my favorite Sheldon Cooper moments in the near future! It will probably be a short list… Bazinga! 🙂
And I definitely will be blogging about the Beatles this weekend, because tomorrow night I’m going to see the Beatle tribute band The Fab Faux (not to be confused with The Fab FOUR) live! I’m so excited!!! Have a great weekend!

George vs. Jim: The Ultimate Showdown

Will Gorgeous George win?

Will Gorgeous George win?

Or will Jim Parsons pull off an upset victory?

Or will Jim Parsons pull off an upset victory?

Hopefully, if I like how this post comes out, I’ll revive this feature sometime in the future. Basically, my plan is to take two of my favorite people, in this case George Harrison and Jim Parsons, and compare them in various categories to see how they stack up. Then, I’ll see who wins! I realize that this one in particular is probably a bit biased towards George, because since he’s my #1 favorite person, he’ll probably win. But I also have an Eric Idle vs. Paul McCartney in mind, as well as a John Lennon vs. Ringo Starr.
So, here are the categories for comparing the awesomeness of George Harrison and Jim Parsons: Sense of humor, acting ability, singing ability, overall charm, sense of style, looks, and personality. Here we go!

Sense of humor: This one is really tough. On one hand, George Harrison had a really great, smart sense of humor and such a wonderful relaxed attitude about life. His interviews are always witty and he says such clever things that also make you think. On the other hand, practically everything that Jim says is hilarious, whether he’s in character as Sheldon Cooper or not. His sense of humor is different than George’s, but it’s just as funny. I think his slight Texan accent makes everything funnier. I’m not really sure how to call this one, since both guys are funny in their own special ways, so I think it’s a tie. 🙂
George Harrison: 1
Jim Parsons: 1

Acting ability: This is a much easier choice, since Jim Parsons, unlike George, is actually an actor. I’m not saying that George wasn’t great in the Beatle movies and in his cameos in The Rutles and Life of Brian, but I think that the actual actor should win this one. So, Jim Parsons wins!
George Harrison: 1
Jim Parsons: 2

Singing ability: Just like with the last category, I should probably give this one to the actual singer, George. Although I have to say that Jim actually does have a good singing voice (check out the clip of Sheldon singing Fiddler on the Roof on Youtube!), George definitely has the upper hand in this category. I just love how unique George’s voice is. There is really no one like him in music today, and I’ve never really heard anyone who sounds like him. Georgie was truly one of a kind. 🙂
George Harrison: 2
Jim Parsons: 2

Overall charm: Once again, this one is REALLY tough! George was pretty adorable and charming back in the day. Just check out any interview of him with the Beatles for proof. He also had a way of talking that would immediately attract people to him, intentionally or not. However, Jim Parsons is THE most adorable man in the world today besides Paul McCartney! Seriously, he is. But as far as pure charm is concerned, I think George wins, but only by a hair.
George Harrison: 3
Jim Parsons: 2

Sense of style: Man, they’re both such good dressers! Jim always looks classy and put-together, and George always looked so effortlessly fashionable in everything he wore. However, George has the advantage of having lived through the sixties, which I think was a fantastic decade for fashion. Men’s fashion today is just not as interesting as it was back then. Since George’s style choices are perhaps a bit more varied and interesting than Jim’s overall, I think George edges him out in this category.
George Harrison: 4
Jim Parsons: 2

Looks: Although I think Jim is a very, VERY attractive man, there’s no contest here. George wins this hands down. I mean, how can he lose when he’s THE best looking man of all time? Exactly.
George Harrison: 5
Jim Parsons: 2

Personality: Again, this is extremely close. Both George and Jim have reputations of being absolutely lovely people, and I’ve never heard anything negative about either one from someone who knew/knows them well. They’re pretty much universally loved. And they both have such wonderfully endearing, fascinating personalities. So… This is a tie.

The Final Tally:
George Harrison: 6
Jim Parsons: 3

Why are you confused, Georgie? You won! Congrats!

Why are you confused, Georgie? You won! Congrats!

Well, that wasn’t a shocking result. George won, as I expected. And rightfully so. But I still think Jim provided some competition for him, which is good. Anyway, the point is, both of these men are really fantastic people in many different areas, and I love them both!!!

The Big Bang Theory = My new favorite TV show!

Good grief, this seems to be becoming a pattern for me. Last winter break, I became obsessed with the Beatles and fell madly in love with George Harrison. Last Thanksgiving break, I became obsessed with Monty Python and fell in love with Eric Idle. And this spring break, I have become obsessed with The Big Bang Theory. The man on this show whom I admire the most? Jim Parsons. 🙂

I’ve always thought this show was funny, but I’ve never liked it enough to actually watch it regularly. But a few days ago, I was watching repeats of it on TBS with my cousins and my sisters, and I realized that unlike most shows on TV today, it’s actually funny, witty, clever, and original. I love the premise of four nerdy scientists living together, and their interactions with each other are hilarious. At first, I liked the character of Leonard the best, but then I quickly realized that compared to Sheldon, he’s kind of a boring character. And then I decided that Sheldon Cooper is clearly the best character on the show, and the whole reason why the show is so good.

Although I’m not really into science, and I’m not a man, I find that I can actually relate to Sheldon a lot. His lines are always so clever and hilarious, and sometimes I’m alarmed by the fact that I say things that are kind of similar to something he’d say. I also never thought I’d be attracted to a TV nerd, but he’s really such an adorable, dorky, likable character that you can’t help but love him!
Of course, his character would be nothing if he wasn’t played by an great actor, and that’s when I decided that Jim Parsons is my new favorite actor. He is so fantastic at playing this part, and definitely deserves the Emmy and Golden Globe he’s received for it. He also made a cameo in the Muppet movie from a couple of years ago! I love the fact that, from the interviews I’ve seen of him, he seems like a genuinely sweet, smart, humble, nice guy who greatly appreciates his life. He’s definitely an actor first and a celebrity second. He’s also not officially on Twitter, originally from Texas, plays classical piano, and enjoys fantasy football, although he never played sports as a kid.
Here’s a great clip of him on Ellen from last year:

I was shocked to find out after watching this video that Jim Parsons is 40. He does NOT look like he’s 40! I honestly thought he was 25! A bit of a misjudgement on my part. Nevertheless, I find him very attractive and absolutely adorable, just like his character Sheldon! And I love the slight Southern drawl in his voice.
And just in case someone points this out, I do know that he’s gay. However, that doesn’t change the fact that I’m currently in love with him! Graham Chapman was also gay, and I also love him. No qualms there. 🙂

Once again, this post has absolutely nothing to do with the Beatles. I have yet to find any connections between The Big Bang Theory and the Beatles, but I’ll keep looking. Or maybe one will turn up in a future episode! That would be great!
So, in conclusion, I apologize for going off topic, the Big Bang Theory is an awesome show, and Jim Parsons rocks. Have a great week! Bazinga!