Paul McCartney’s “New” Song!

This week, as I was tuned in to the 12:00 Beatle Block on Q 104.3, I heard something that caught me completely off guard. They reported that Paul McCartney had just released a new single, entitled, rather appropriately, “New”, and that his new album was coming out on October 14th in the UK and October 15th in the US! I knew that Paul was making a new album, but I had no idea about this new song! What a wonderful surprise for a Beatles/McCartney fanatic like me!
And so I thought I’d share this song and my thoughts on it here on my blog. Here you go!

My first thought when I first listened to this song was, “IT’S BEATLE PAUL!!!! HE’S BACK!!!” Not that he ever left, of course, but this song is so wonderfully Beatlesque that I practically jumped for joy when I heard it. It’s so bouncy and happy, and I’m almost certain that wrote the lyrics with his wife Nancy in mind. There’s definitely a lot of Penny Lane in there, with some Got To Get You Into My Life and Fixing A Hole for good measure. And yet it doesn’t sound retro, but instead it sounds fresh and modern. I love how Paul continues to reinvent himself with every song and album he releases, and as long as he keeps loving to make music, it will show in his songs.
As much as I love George, nothing makes me quite as instantly happy as hearing Paul’s voice, and it’s awesome that he’s going strong after all these years. He is still a relevant musician, he can still write amazing songs, and he still rocks! I can’t wait for the album in October! I LOVE PAUL!!!!!!