Congratulations Paul for FIVE Grammys!!!

I'm so glad they performed together!!! :)

I’m so glad they performed together!!! 🙂

So I know this post is about a week late, but I just wanted to acknowledge that Paul won a total of 5 Grammys last Sunday!!! In case you care, here they all are:
Best Rock Song- Cut Me Some Slack (with Dave Grohl, Pat Smear, and Krist Novoselic)
Best Music Film- Live Kisses
Best Surround Sound Album- Live Kisses
Best Boxed or Special Limited Edition Package- Wings Over America
Best Compilation Soundtrack- Sound City (in which he was involved with “Cut Me Some Slack”)

The Beatles also received the 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award, although I can’t quite figure out why they didn’t win it sooner. Anyway, although I didn’t watch most of the Grammys, I did enjoy watching all of the segments with Paul, Ringo, or even better, BOTH OF THEM TOGETHER!!! Here are some clips from the show if you are interested.

Paul accepting the award for “Best Rock Song” with Dave Grohl, Pat Smear, and Krist Novoselic

I think it’s funny that Paul barely says anything in the acceptance speech. I guess he wanted to give Dave the spotlight, which was pretty considerate and humble of him.

Ringo performing “Photograph”

I don’t know why the critics thought this was boring and a waste of time. Is Ringo the exciting showman that Paul is? Well, no. But is the song great and a well-acknowledged classic? Yes!

And now… The best part of the entire show! Paul AND Ringo performing together on one of Paul’s NEW songs, “Queenie Eye”!
I couldn’t find a good video of this on Youtube, so just scroll down here for the video. Obviously, this was by far my favorite moment of the show. I sort of wish they did more than one song, but I guess that’s what the Ed Sullivan special is for!!! Next weekend is sure to be a great weekend, what with the 50th anniversary of the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show and all, so be on the lookout for some celebratory posts!

Well, needless to say, overall the Grammys this year made me very happy! I think I will do a post about my top 10 solo Beatles albums tomorrow. Enjoy the weekend!


Maybe I’m amazed by Paul McCartney’s “New”!



Paul McCartney has been seemingly everywhere recently. He showed up at a Queens high school not 20 miles from where I live and gave a surprise concert to the students there! He gave a surprise show in Times Square last week! He gave a surprise show in Covent Garden, London, this week! He’s performed on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, and basically everywhere else. And all of this is to promote his new album, “New”! I’ve been looking forward to this album for weeks, and it does not disappoint in the slightest!!!

I downloaded and listened to this album the day it came out, and I was absolutely blown away. It is modern, slick, and different than anything from Paul I’ve ever heard. And yet, it still sounds like signature Paul to me! The songs are catchy and amazingly produced, with an almost spacey vibe. I won’t dissect each song for hours, because that would get a bit tedious, but I will give a one-sentence sum up of all the songs.

1. Save Us- An awesome uptempo rocker kind of like “Only Mama Knows” from his last solo album, Memory Almost Full, although I think this is better.

2. Alligator- I think this is the most musically interesting song on the album, and I was transfixed the first time I listened to it by all the cool sounds throughout.

3. On My Way To Work- The lyrics remind me of “A Day In The Life” a bit, and while the song itself doesn’t, it is a fantastic song nonetheless.

4. Queenie Eye- One of my favorites on the album, because it’s so catchy, interesting, and just all around AMAZING!!!

5. Early Days- An acoustic, nostalgic, beautiful song that is basically classic Paul.

6. New- I’ve already shared my thoughts on this song, but it’s very Beatley and I LOVE IT!!!!!!

7. Appreciate- A little too electronic to be a favorite of mine, but it is a very cool song that sounds a lot like something Dhani Harrison and thenewno2 would do.

8. Everybody Out There- Extremely catchy with a great opening riff that will surely become a live favorite in the near future!

9. Hosanna- A very different sound than Paul usually does, but it’s fascinating to listen to, and almost sounds like “Tomorrow Never Knows” at the end.

10. I Can Bet- This song is really fun and upbeat, which is what Paul does best!

11. Looking At Her- Another amazing song that has interesting lyrics and is just fascinatingly cool.

12. Road- WOW!!!!!! That is all.

13. Turned Out- A fantastic little ditty that had me singing along before I even knew the words.

14. Get Me Out Of Here- The first half is very Wings-esque, and the second half is an intimate, beautiful piano ballad in which Paul amazes me with his talent, yet again.

So, if I had to rate this album, I would give it a 10 out of 10, 5 stars, and the absolute highest praise I could possibly bestow upon it!!! I think this is better overall than his last solo album, Memory Almost Full, and I think it might actually be better than what I’ve decided is my favorite Paul solo album, Chaos and Creation in the Backyard. I won’t go so far as to say that it’s the best solo Paul album ever, but it’s definitely up there with the best of his Wings and solo career, in my opinion.
What I think makes it so great is that it doesn’t sound like something from the 60s. It’s very modern, but in a good way because it’s so amazingly produced and sounds so great. The songs are all very diverse, yet they all fit together well, and that makes the album interesting and fun to listen to. And best of all, I don’t think you have to be a Paul fan, or even a Beatle fan, to like this album. I believe that anyone who says they like modern pop, which is a very large amount of people, would enjoy listening to this album! It’s very current, very Paul, and absolutely brilliant!!!! I’m listening to it again right now, and I know this will become a regular part of my musical rotation.

I haven’t listened to Elton John’s new album in its entirety yet, and I may do a review for that in the near future. But for now, although I haven’t bought or listened to that many albums released this year, I say that this should definitely be in the running for “Album Of The Year” at the Grammys. If you haven’t bought it, no matter who you are, I highly recommend it and suggest that you buy it! You will be amazed!!!

In honor of Halloween in 10 days, here's Paul McCatney.

In honor of Halloween in 10 days, here’s Paul McCatney.