Paul McCartney and Jimmy Fallon: A Fab Duo

So much cuteness in one photo!!!

So much cuteness in one photo!!!

So I’ve been kind of obsessed with Jimmy Fallon recently since he made his debut on The Tonight Show a few weeks ago. I think he’s hilarious and one of the most creative and entertaining comedians out there today. One thing, among many, that I love about him, is that he is known for his spot-on musical impersonations of people like Neil Young, Jim Morrison, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, and others. He is also a huge fan of the Beatles and Paul McCartney! In fact, my mom actually spotted him at the Paul McCartney concert last June, and I think he appeared on the screen next to the stage once or twice. Whenever he interviews Paul on his show, he gets really excited and giggly, which I think is both adorable and the mark of a true super fan. Anyway, today I’ve decided to post a few videos of Jimmy and Paul, because they’re two wonderful people who are just hysterical together!

This video is priceless for so many reasons! Paul head-butting Jimmy, Paul attempting an American accent and sounding more like a British tourist with an acquired Texan accent, Paul saying “Honey Boo Boo” over and over again… I’m so thankful this exists.

A classic moment on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. This version of Yesterday might be my favorite. 🙂
Also, I love when Jimmy harmonizes on the last part of the song. He actually has quite a nice voice.

This might be the most heartfelt version of Here Today I’ve come across. It brings tears to my eyes whenever I watch it because it’s so powerful and bare. Also, when Jimmy tells Paul, “I love you,” at 3:30 in the video, I think I laughed and cried at the same time. If I was hosting a talk show and Paul was a guest, I would also profess my love for him on the air.

Hearing Paul using words like “selfie” and “photobomb” that mostly people under 20 say just makes my day. He truly is the coolest person in the world. And the picture they show at 0:35 is one of my absolute favorite Beatle pictures!

All right, I think that’s all for now. I will try to do a post tomorrow about my favorite covers of Beatles songs, so be on the lookout!


A Fun Little Video

I know I haven’t posted anything Monty Python-related in a while, but I thought that for anyone dealing with a lot of snow today, this video of one of my favorite Python sketches would brighten their day. It’s short, sweet, and to the point, not to mention totally hilarious!
To me, there are few things as funny as Michael Palin slapping John Cleese multiple times with a fish, so I hope you enjoy!

Wink wink, nudge nudge, they’re back!!!!

I just love them. They are so brilliant and silly.

I just love them. They are so brilliant and silly.

This will be a quick post, but I just had to write something very exciting about my other favorite British ensemble, Monty Python! I saw a quote from Eric Idle a couple of weeks ago saying that there was a very big Python announcement coming up, and a few days ago, my dad emailed me this article:
In case you somehow can’t access this article, I’ll sum it up for you… MONTY PYTHON IS FINALLY REUNITING ON STAGE!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!
Granted, this could just be a one-time thing, but I have high hopes that this will turn into a tour of some sorts, maybe to places besides London… Maybe even across the pond to New York… You never know! I can’t even fathom how jubilant I would feel if I got to see 5 out of the 6 original Python members (RIP Graham Chapman) on stage together for a show. It would probably be the silliest night of my life. But just the thought that they are back together for a little while makes me very happy!
If you live near the London area, and you like Monty Python, do not miss this show at the O2 Arena next July!!!
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

My Official Ranking of the Beatle Movies

I’ve been thinking of doing this post for a while, but for the last few weeks, I’ve had other things to post about, like Paul’s new album and the George tribute concert. But this weekend, there’s nothing notably Beatley going on, so I’ve decided to rank all of the Beatle movies in order from least favorite to favorite. There have been a lot of movies and documentaries made about the Beatles besides the 5 movies that they were actually in, so my ranking consists only of the 5 “official” Beatle movies: A Hard Day’s Night, Yellow Submarine, Help!, Magical Mystery Tour, and Let It Be. You may or may not agree with my ranking, but here it is anyway!

5. Let It Be

The famous rooftop concert, immortalized in Let It Be

The famous rooftop concert, immortalized in Let It Be

This choice is a little biased because I haven’t been able to bring myself to watch this movie, so I had to put it last. I’ve heard that there’s some cool footage of the Beatles in this movie, like the rooftop concert at the end, but everything I’ve read about it describes it as basically a documentary of the Beatles’ breakup. I know it’s been over 40 years since they broke up, but I still think it would be really sad to watch their magical bond breaking before my eyes. I just think this is probably the least entertaining out of all the Beatle movies, so that is why it’s my least favorite.

4. Magical Mystery Tour

A gorgeous shot of the Beatles while filming Magical Mystery Tour

A gorgeous shot of the Beatles while filming Magical Mystery Tour

This movie is really, REALLY, weird! It has no plot and is basically just the Beatles doing weird, silly things with some other people in tow for a little over an hour. Despite this, I love it. It’s just so random that it seems almost intentional, and the songs in it are great. Paul was the Beatle who spearheaded the whole project, and while I concur that this wasn’t his best idea ever, I think this movie is an important part of the Beatles’ story.

3. Yellow Submarine

A cool picture of the Beatles doing press for Yellow Submarine

A cool picture of the Beatles doing press for Yellow Submarine

I’ve only seen this movie once, and not in a while, but I remember that it made me deliriously happy for some reason. I think I was tricked by the colorful animation and weird, trippy sequences. The animators must have taken a lot of LSD while making this movie. Nevertheless, it’s a wonderful animated movie and very fun and entertaining to watch. I’d recommend it to anybody who likes the Beatles or cartoons, which from my life experience is basically everybody.

2. A Hard Day’s Night

An iconic shot from A Hard Day's Night

An iconic shot from A Hard Day’s Night

Choosing between A Hard Day’s Night and Help! for my favorite Beatle movie was extremely difficult. It felt like choosing between two of my children. But in the end, I put A Hard Day’s Night at #2, but just barely. In reality, I like it just as much as Help!, but for non Beatles fans, I’d recommend Help! over A Hard Day’s Night.
Anyway, I have watched this movie many times, but every time I watch it is just as entertaining as the first time. I love so many things about it: the snarky comebacks from John, the adorable chase scenes between the Beatles and the police, the “live” performances, the absolutely priceless scene with John playing in the bathtub and George in a t-shirt staring intensely into the bathroom mirror, the clever British humor throughout… I could go on and on. It’s perfect. I am in love with this movie!

1. Help!

Aw, what cuties!!!!

Aw, what cuties!!!!

Here’s why I put Help! above A Hard Day’s Night as my favorite Beatle movie: It’s not a “mockumentary” like A Hard Day’s Night. It’s not an actual documentary like Let It Be. It’s not an animated movie like Yellow Submarine. And it’s certainly not a Beatle-directed semi-debacle like Magical Mystery Tour. It’s just a “normal” movie that happens to star the Beatles, and I think that’s what draws me to it so much. They do play themselves in the movie, but unlike A Hard Day’s Night, they’re in color! Which makes them even more handsome!!! 🙂
I think this movie is also the most Monty Python-esque Beatles movie, which might be another reason why I like it so much. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, and it’s so absurd, hilarious, and fun! And as a bonus, the Beatles somehow became even better looking here since the last movie they made, which makes this all the more pleasurable for me to watch. This movie is just a ball of laughter, and I think everyone should watch it at least once!

If you haven’t seen any of these movies, it’s time to get your act together and watch one! Or two! Or all five! You won’t regret it, I promise!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Funny Pictures of the Beatles

For the first time in quite a while, I was completely stumped as to what to blog about today. Every idea I came up with was either too similar to something I’d already posted or required more thought than I was prepared for. So, I’ve decided to take the semi-easy way out today and have a post dedicated simply to showing hilarious photos of my favorite lads. I hope you enjoy!

Paul, I love you, but what the heck are you doing???

Paul, I love you, but what the heck are you doing???

Why George and John are jousting here I'll never know...

Why George and John are jousting here I’ll never know…

I can't stop laughing at the expressions on Paul and John's faces!

I can’t stop laughing at the expressions on Paul and John’s faces!

The Beatles playing golf, something I honestly never thought I'd see

The Beatles playing golf, something I honestly never thought I’d see

I wish George and John would give me a lift... Lucky Paulie!

I wish George and John would give me a lift… Lucky Paulie!

Oh Ringo, don't we all... :)

Oh Ringo, don’t we all… 🙂

George is definitely feeling the pressure at this point!

George is definitely feeling the pressure at this point!

The Beatles, being silly in 1963.

The Beatles, being silly in 1963.

Okay, I think that’s enough Beatley silliness for now. Have a great week!

My “Guilty Pleasure” Songs

I admit, this picture is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine... :)

I admit, this picture is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine… 🙂

Sorry for posting neither Beatle covers nor Sheldon Cooper moments as promised, but I had another idea for a post today. I’m not really sure if these songs qualify as “guilty pleasures” in the traditional sense, but for whatever reason, I feel just the teensiest bit guilty for liking them. I don’t know why, since they don’t really go against my typical music taste, but regardless, here they are! It’s a pretty random assortment of songs, which might represent my inner turmoil and confusion over liking them.

Wonderful Christmastime- Paul McCartney

This is one of those Paul songs that people either love or hate with a burning passion. I personally feel obligated to love it, since it’s Paul, but I do concede that it’s not one of his best songs. Nevertheless, I still cheer when this comes on the radio during the holiday season!

The Bitch is Back- Elton John

This song was banned on several radio stations around the world in the 1970s for the use of the word “bitch,” which I think is a bit of an overreaction. After all, it’s an extremely catchy song, and it actually refers to Elton himself! But for whatever reason, I feel slightly guilty for liking it. Maybe because the word “bitch” is used so many times throughout the song that by the end, it doesn’t even sound like a word. Oh well, I still love the song!

Stronger- Kanye West

Here it is, the one rap song from this century that I actually don’t mind! Normally, I don’t enjoy the rap genre at all, but for some strange reason, I like this song.
This is the first and last time that Kanye will be mentioned on this blog.

Good King Wenceslas- The Fab Four

The only reason that I feel guilty about liking this reworking of the Beatles’ “Tell Me What You See” is because I actually like it better than the original Beatles song. I rarely, if ever, say that about a cover or remix of a Beatles song, but “Tell Me What You See” is the only Beatles song that I just don’t like, and I think that this holiday spin on it is really good. If you’re into the Beatles and you like holiday music, check out the entire Hark! album by The Fab Four (yes, that tribute band I keep blabbing on about).
This is the first and last time that I will say anything negative about a Beatles song on this blog.

Fingertips- They Might Be Giants

This isn’t really a song. It’s more like a collection of approximately 10-second long random song-like tunes that appear on the second half of the album Apollo 18 by They Might Be Giants. My family probably quotes things from this at least once a day, if not more. The best part of this compilation of “songs” is when your iPod is on shuffle, and after listening to a really long, brooding song like “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)” by the Beatles, something random from Fingertips will come on and completely ruin the mood. I find it hilarious when that happens!

The Lumberjack Song- Monty Python

Okay, so I don’t really feel GUILTY for liking this, because it’s a really goofy and funny song! Still, since Monty Python isn’t exactly a musical group, I felt compelled to include it here. I read recently that during one of the live Python shows, George Harrison came onstage in a Canadian Mounty outfit to sing this song. Apparently, almost no one in the audience recognized him. Oh George, always flying under the radar… But not to me!!! 🙂

Notice how there are no Beatles or George Harrison songs in this post. That should be rather telling. I don’t feel guilty at all for liking the Beatles or George, in any situation!!!
That’s all I’ve got for now, but I’m sure that I’ll come up with more “guilty pleasure” songs of mine to include in a future post. Have a great week!