What’s happening in Paul McCartney/Elton John Land

I. Love. Them. :)

I. Love. Them. 🙂

So, this past week there has been a lot going on with two of my favorite musicians, Paul McCartney and Elton John! First, both of them performed at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas last weekend, and while I was not in attendance, I loved watching both of them perform via a live online stream! They were fantastic as always and performed many awesome songs, two of which I will share with you in this post!
Here’s Elton John doing a rousing rendition of Tiny Dancer on Day 1 of the festival:

And here’s Paul McCartney performing a great song, “Save Us”, off of his new album on Day 2! I cannot wait for this album to come out in October!

I loved watching the Emmys this past Sunday, because not only did my favorite actor, Jim Parsons, take home another award, but Elton John also performed! He did a “tribute” to Liberace, which was nice except that it seemed more like a plug for his new single, “Home Again”, than a tribute to a fallen musical legend. Oh well, he was great anyway and I love the song!

So after that, Paul made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Monday night, giving a hilarious interview and performing a free concert on Hollywood Blvd for 10,000 lucky fans! I watched that as well, and Paul amazed me with his unbelievable talent as he always does. Here’s Paul performing his new single, “New”, from that concert!

I also enjoyed watching Elton John’s appearance on the Ellen show on Wednesday. Here’s a funny clip of him talking to Ellen about Miley Cyrus’s controversial performance at the VMAs this year. He is just hilarious!

So I didn’t think this week could get any better, but then it did! I had been not-so-subtly dropping hints to my family that I really wanted to get tickets to one of Elton John’s upcoming concerts at Madison Square Garden in December. Well, just as I was writing down instructions to my parents about how to get the online presale tickets, my dad informed me that via the Chase Pre-Presale, they had already gotten two tickets to his concert on December 3rd!!!! That’s right folks, I’m going to an Elton John concert!!! YAY!!!!!! I’m so excited!!!! Thanks mom and dad! 🙂
I honestly can’t believe that we’ve been able to obtain tickets to see not one, but TWO Sirs in one year! What incredible luck! In honor of this amazing situation, I’m planning on posting my top 10 favorite Elton John songs tomorrow!
Have a great weekend!


Cute clips of Jim Parsons

Jim... No matter what anyone tells you... You ARE Superman!!!

Jim… No matter what anyone tells you… You ARE Superman!!!

This title is kind of redundant, because every clip I’ve ever seen of Jim is cute!
As soon as I started watching The Big Bang Theory regularly about a month ago, I knew that I liked Jim Parsons. He is not only an extremely talented actor who lights up every scene he’s in, playing Sheldon Cooper better than anyone else could, but he seems like a genuinely sweet, funny, down-to-earth person. He has an incredibly adorable smile, the cutest big blue eyes I’ve ever seen, a Texan twang, and somehow is both exactly like Sheldon and nothing like Sheldon in real life. I guarantee that you will fall in love with him after watching these videos if you haven’t already! I mean, what’s not to like?

I hadn’t watched a clip from Sesame Street in years before watching this! It’s funny to see Jim pretending to be dumb here, when on The Big Bang Theory he’s such a genius. I guess that’s why they call it acting!

My God, how much more adorable could this man be??? His laugh makes me laugh. 🙂 And I love when he says, “There’s no more words! It’s over!” at the end.
Also, every time I watch this clip, I wonder why he’s wearing the cape on only one shoulder. Maybe he’s trying to make a fashion statement.

What I really love about this video is Kaley Cuoco’s reaction to Jim winning. She’s so happy for him, and seems more excited about it than he does! Either way, he certainly deserved the award. I hope he wins Best Comedic Actor for a 3rd time at the Emmys this year!

I’m only a little embarrassed to admit that I’ve tried doing all of the exercises demonstrated in this video, with varying degrees of success. I love how Jim pretends to be having trouble doing the exercises, but anyone with two eyes can see that he did those push ups perfectly! And that Spiderman Squat… Wow.

I loved Jim 10 times more after watching this and finding out that he plays piano! And his funny faces starting at 0:43 are absolutely adorable!

That’s probably enough for now. But I promise to do a post about my favorite Sheldon Cooper moments in the near future! It will probably be a short list… Bazinga! 🙂
And I definitely will be blogging about the Beatles this weekend, because tomorrow night I’m going to see the Beatle tribute band The Fab Faux (not to be confused with The Fab FOUR) live! I’m so excited!!! Have a great weekend!